most traded metaverse crypto coins below $5 march 2022

Top 3 Most Traded Metaverse Crypto Coins Below $5 (March 2022)

Metaverse Crypto coins continue to dominate the markets as we head into March. As more projects expand their ecosystems, now is a great time to accumulate underrated Metaverse coins. One way to judge the performance and community support of a project is by looking at its trading volume. That’s why we decided to hand pick our list of the top three most traded Metaverse crypto coins below $5 to watch in March 2022.

Note: The list below is ordered by trading volume, lowest to highest.

Theta Network (THETA)
  • Unit Price: $3.21
  • 24-hour Trading Volume: $392 million

theta network featured

Launching in 2021, Theta Network is one of the leading platforms for fully authenticated and licensed NFTs. Theta features world-class partnerships with nostalgic TV shows like The Price Is Right and world-class artists like Katy Perry.

Theta Network is more than an NFT marketplace. It also features a streaming platform enabling users to earn TFUEL tokens for participating in its economy.

Its streaming platform is looking to improve the quality of content delivery networks that usually offer high load and buffering times. By integrating its CDN with blockchain technology and distributing it across a peer-to-peer network, Theta provides a superior quality streaming experience at a much lower bandwidth cost.

Another aspect of Theta Network’s ecosystem is its TNT-20 token standard, enabling brands and companies to launch their tokens on the platform. TNT-20 is similar to the popular ERC-20 and BEP-20 token standards used by 99% of the cryptocurrencies on the market.

The native token on the platform is THETA, which enables users to gain exclusive access to various drops and buy NFTs on its marketplace.

Featuring one of the fastest-growing ecosystems and with a current market capitalization of over $3.2 billion, THETA is a must-watch in March 2022.

You can buy THETA on major exchanges like Binance, KuCoin,, and more.

Decentraland (MANA)
  • Unit Price: $2.78
  • 24-hour Trading Volume: $975 million

decentraland metaverse

Launched in February 2020, Decentraland (MANA) is currently the highest-valued Metaverse crypto coin with a market capitalization of over $5 billion.

Decentraland features a 3D in-browser experience built with the Unity game engine, providing users with a high-quality and immersive virtual universe. Anyone can explore Decentraland by connecting their MetaMask wallet with a browser like Chrome.

Decentraland’s Metaverse also features the Decentral Games virtual casino, recently dubbed “The Metaverse Killer App,” since the casino managed to turn over $7.5 million in profit over the past three months.

In addition, Decentraland includes one of the most sought-after virtual real estate collections available on OpenSea. At the time of writing, the cheapest plot of land costs 4.5 ETH (approximately $13k at writing). There has been over $814 million worth of virtual real estate sold on Decentraland, speaking to the sheer scale of its economy.

The native utility asset on the platform is MANA, allowing users to buy fabulous wearable NFTs. Users can show off their NFTs in Decentraland and access various experiences.

You can purchase MANA on Binance,, and more.

The Sandbox (SAND)
  • Unit Price: $3.27
  • 24-hour Trading Volume: $1.398 billion

the sandbox metaverse featured

Launching the Alpha in December 2021, The Sandbox (SAND) is currently the second-most-valued Metaverse crypto coin on the market, with a current capitalization of $3.68 billion. It also happens to be the most-traded Metaverse crypto coin on the market, with over $1.3 billion worth of SAND traded in the past 24-hours alone!

The Sandbox features an RPG-style 3D Metaverse also built with the Unity game engine like Decentraland. The main difference is The Sandbox runs on a desktop client rather than in the browser, enabling better quality and a more immersive experience.

Like Decentraland, The Sandbox features a highly popular virtual real estate collection on OpenSea. The current floor price for a plot of LAND in The Sandbox is 3.23ETH (approximately $9500 at the time of writing). Over $453 million worth of virtual real estate sold on The Sandbox, roughly half of Decentraland’s volume.

The Sandbox is still in its early stages of development, with the beta yet to be released. Given that The Sandbox is not yet open to the public, the amount of support the project currently has is astounding.

The native utility asset on the platform is SAND, enabling users to purchase in-game items, access VIP activities, and more.

You can buy SAND on most major exchanges like Uniswap, KuCoin, Binance,, and more.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any Metaverse crypto coins.

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