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Top 5 Most Hyped Up Cryptocurrencies Right Now

It is apparent there is a lot of excitement in the world of alternative cryptocurrencies. Plenty of coins are seeing significant value increases, although not all of them will have a place in the mainstream world. Below are some of the altcoins gaining a lot of value as their mainstream potential continues to grow.

5. Augur


Every cryptocurrency enthusiast will have heard of the Augur project. By creating a decentralized prediction market where users can wager on any event taking place at any given time, Augur sees a lot of merit in using the wisdom of the crowd. The platform will be powered with REP tokens, which have seen a fair value increase these past few days.

About a week ago, the value per REP was US$5.35, which has now increased to US$10.16. Keeping in mind how there are only 11 million tokens, this value could go up even further in the coming months. Then again, investing in Augur should not be done for short-term gains by any means.

4. Factom

Even though the Factom project is quite intriguing, a lot of people tend to overlook the platform’s native token. Factom stores records on the blockchain and anchors them to the Bitcoin ledger. It appears people are finally realizing the potential Factom holds, as its native token’s value has increased from US$2.63 to US$4.41 in just seven days. Impressive momentum for a somewhat undervalued project.

3. Dash

The rise of Dash‘s value cannot be ignored by anyone in the world of cryptocurrency. Even a DDoS attack against a few hundred masternodes could not disrupt this price increase by any means. Even though Dash’s value is retracing a bit after a steep rise, things are still looking quite positive. Over the course of one month, Dash’s value has gone from just over US$21 all the way to US$90. It even surpassed US$100 yesterday, but the price momentum could not be sustained for long.

2. Monero

Some people will gladly tell you a Monero price increase had to happen sooner or later. Anonymity-centric cryptocurrencies always tend to do well, and several darknet markets have shown interest in Monero as well. Things are looking very good for Monero these past few days, with a value increase from US$12.45 per XMR all the way to US$22 in a week’s time. It is interesting to see Dash and Monero experience growth around the same time.

1. Ethereum

People who are not glued to the exchange charts right now may have missed out on Ethereum‘s meteoric rise these past few days. Right now, one ETH is worth US$40.98, up from US$18.75 a week ago. Interestingly enough, Ethereum Classic saw its value increase as well, from US$1.33 to US$2.02. Although some people argue these coins are still one and the same ecosystem, there are some major differences between them. In the end, both coins’ market cap is increasing at the same time. Most intriguing indeed.

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JP Buntinx

JP Buntinx is a FinTech and Bitcoin enthusiast living in Belgium. His passion for finance and technology made him one of the world's leading freelance Bitcoin writers, and he aims to achieve the same level of respect in the FinTech sector.

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