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Top 5 Most Traded Metaverse Crypto Coins With a Market Cap Below $10 Million to Watch in February 2022

One of the best ways to judge cryptocurrency projects is by looking at the daily trading volume. The higher the trading volume, the better the long-term outlook of a project. After all, one of the most common reasons most projects die out is due to lack of liquidity.

In addition, low market cap Metaverse crypto coins are prevalent among traders due to the high probability of seeing significant price gains. That’s why we compiled this list of the most traded Metaverse crypto coins with a market cap below $10 million, ordered by market cap, lowest to highest.

Mist (MIST)
  • Market Cap: $3 million
  • 24-hour Trading Volume: $2 million

Launched in April 2021, Mist is a Binance Smart Chain RPG game featuring a proprietary NFT framework. The game lets players collect NFTs, battle monsters, and explore infinite immersive environments.

Mist is built with the Unity game engine. The team focuses on dynamic battle mechanics, emphasizing creating a fun and engaging experience for players.

Like most other Metaverse coins, in-game assets are tokenized as NFTs, which players can trade on various 3rd party marketplaces. Moreover, players can stake their MIST tokens and receive rewards.

Mist also enables players to own virtual land in their Metaverse. When others slay monsters on someone’s land, the landowner will receive a portion of the rewards, generating a passive income.

Mist is still in development, but the project does feature an NFT dashboard. In addition, users can check out a preview of the Mist New Zones Trailer below:

Mist is a highly underrated project that’s worth keeping an eye on. The low market cap and high daily trading volume signal a bullish long-term outlook for the token.

You can buy MIST on PancakeSwap, LBank,, and more.

Chronicle (XNL)
  • Market Cap: $4.5 million
  • 24-hour Trading Volume: $1.7 million

Launched in 2021, Chronicle (XNL) is a community-powered Metaverse coin and an NFT Marketplace. Chronicle features authenticated and officially licensed NFTs from iconic shows like Penn & Teller.

Chronicle is committed to delivering eco-friendly NFTs with their digital platform. Users can check out their dApp and NFT dashboard featuring dozens of collections and live auctions for amazing NFTs.

There are some similarities between THETA’s NFT dashboard and Chronicle’s, and it seems that XNL is a competitor to THETA. However, Chronicle is a highly underrated project with a low market cap, a must-watch in 2022.

The native token to the platform is called XNL, used as the primary utility asset enabling users to access limited edition NFTs, discounts on trading fees, staking incentives, and various rewards.

If you’re an NFT collector looking for affordable and authenticated NFTs that will retain their value, we highly recommend checking out XNL.

You can buy XNL on PancakeSwap, KuCoin, and

Defina Finance (FINA)
  • Market Cap: $8.4 million
  • 24-hour Trading Volume: $4.7 million

Launched in October 2021, Defina Finance is a blockchain-based game featuring one of the best-designed NFTs on the market. Defina Finance features a fully functional play-to-earn game enabling players to earn FINA tokens for participating in their economy.

To start playing, users must purchase an NFT from their official marketplace. The NFTs are highly affordable, with the lowest prices at 69 FINA (roughly $72 at writing).

Defina Finance’s NFT marketplace is exceptionally active, with over $7.2 million worth of NFTs sold in total, and over $658k worth of NFTs sold in the past week. At the time of writing, over 41k NFTs have been sold, speaking to the sheer scale of their ecosystem.

FINA is the native token to the platform enabling users to purchase NFTs. FINA is a BEP-20 token living on the Binance Smart Chain.

With a sub $10 million market cap, Defina Finance is a must-watch in 2022 and is one of the most undervalued projects on the market. With a trendy NFT marketplace, FINA has tremendous long-term potential.

You can buy FINA on PancakeSwap, BKEX, MEXC, Bitrue, and more.

Ispolink (ISP)
  • Market Cap: $9.1 million
  • 24-hour Trading Volume: $3.8 million

Launched in May 2021, Ispolink is a Metaverse-based cross-chain platform for developers, leveraging AI and the Binance Smart Chain. The project’s vision is to empower Blockchain, DeFi, Gaming, and Metaverse companies to source leading Web3 talent.

Ispolink looks to connect talent with blockchain-based companies looking for quality developers. Using Artificial Intelligence, Ispolink will analyze various applicants and predict potential candidates for a position.

Moreover, using their Machine Learning Matchmaking algorithm, Ispolink can automatically analyze applicants based on work experience, tech stack, job-related skills, and soft skills to find the perfect candidate for an open position.

The native token to the platform is ISP, an ERC-20 utility token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can earn ISP for interacting with the platform and performing various activities such as promotions, referring friends, providing details, and getting verified.

The project is currently in development, and users can book a demo. According to their roadmap, the mainnet launch is scheduled for Q1 2022, with a mobile version launching in Q4 2022.

You can buy ISP on KuCoin, PancakeSwap, Uniswap,, QuickSwap, and more.

Sensorium (SENSO)
  • Market Cap: $9.9 million
  • 24-hour Trading Volume: $1.8 million

Launched in 2018, Sensorium is a highly underrated Metaverse platform combining blockchain tech, AI, and VR. Founded by billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, Sensorium’s vision is to become the leading Metaverse social platform enabling users to interact with others and meet new friends.

The native token to the platform is called SENSO, enabling players to interact with various environments and experiences in Sensorium’s Metaverse. Moreover, SENSO is a utility token used as the primary form of payment on the platform.

Sensorium has excellent long-term potential and reputation, receiving endorsements from iconic artists like David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Armin van Buuren, and more.

While Sensorium’s Galaxy Metaverse is still in development, you can check out a sneak-peek preview below:

With a market cap below $10 million, Sensorium is a highly underrated project that’s a must-watch in 2022.

You can buy SENSO on KuCoin, Bittrex, Poloniex, and more.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any Metaverse crypto coins.

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