Top 5 Things to Know About Worthpad

Worthpad is a decentralized multi-chain IDO platform that creates infinite wealth for $WORTH investors and allows investors to earn new tokens passively. The platform gives high-growth potential crypto projects the opportunity to raise liquidity in a fair manner while also creating strong communities around them. Worthpad’s main goal is to make investing in DeFi and crypto projects simple and accessible to the general public.

If Worthpad has grabbed your attention, then here are five things you need to know about the platform:

1. There are infinite earning capabilities with Worthpad.

Worthpad’s unique utilization of the best DeFi technologies takes $WORTH investors ahead of traditional venture capitalists. This enables $WORTH investors to invest in a safe financial ecosystem with infinite earning possibilities.

$WORTH automates the liquidity generation for the Liquidity Pool and the Worth DVC Fund. Each transaction is subject to a 10% tax. As a result, the price floor for $WORTH is always rising. The Liquidity Pool and Worth DVC Fund divide the tax 50/50, so each transaction raises the value of $WORTH token and the entire Worthpad ecosystem. Investors staking $WORTH tokens get benefits from the Worth DVC Fund through the Worth IDO Launchpad.

2. The Worth Incubator and Worth Accelerator are for innovative crypto projects.

Before launching the project, Worthpad team will assist the founders with advising, marketing/PR, tokenomics, audits, and investment funds. Worth IDO Launchpad will provide advice from serial entrepreneurs and investors, partnerships with innovative startups, and assistance with building the MVP. Investment capital needed by the projects will be raised from the Worth DVC Fund in lieu of project tokens. The Worth Incubator and Worth Accelerator will distribute tokens earned from IDO projects to investors that stake $WORTH. This will form unlimited passive income for investors till they continue to stake $WORTH tokens.


3. Worthpad has risk management features.

There is a staggered delivery of raised cash for projects that have met their milestones. This will prevent project owners from going over budget or quitting projects in the middle of the process. Also, investors will be protected in the case of a project failure thanks to the Insurance Treasury. Each project that uses the Worth IDO Launchpad is required to purchase and lock in $WORTH in the Insurance Treasury before proceeding. The entire goal of the insurance fund is for risk management in order to protect investors who lose money on projects as a result of team negligence.

4. Worth is Safe from Theft.

The Worth Smart Contract Foundry serves as the central hub of the Worthpad ecosystem. Using a drag-and-drop interface, it will enable the secure, audited, quick, and simple deployment of token launch smart contracts. Using open-source software, the code for creating foundry smart contracts is rigorously tested and audited to guarantee that unwanted hackers are unable to steal money from investors.

5. Worthpad does all the heavy lifting.

The Worthpad ecosystem is designed to cope with the more difficult aspects of the process. Within the Worthpad ecosystem, you’ll find the $WORTH token, the Worth DVC Fund, the Worth IDO Launchpad, the Worth Smart Contract Foundry, the Worth DEX, and the Worth Insurance Foundry. Together, all of these components of the Worthpad Ecosystem make the platform simple to use for anybody looking to participate in DeFi and crypto initiatives to build wealth.

For more information about Worthpad and how to be a part of the revolution that will shape the global crypto space, visit the Worthpad Website.

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