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Top 7 Bitcoin SV Wallets for 2019

In the cryptocurrency world, there will always be projects which are considered controversial for different reasons. Regardless of how one feels about Bitcoin SV, plenty of its users are looking for secure ways to store their BSV accordingly. The following Bitcoin SV wallets can all serve that purpose, depending on one’s personal preferences and needs.

HandCash for iOS and Android

Given the growing popularity of mobile devices in terms of storing cryptocurrencies, it is only normal capable wallets are in high demand. For Bitcoin SV users, HandCash is an option well worth exploring. |It can be used on both iOS and Android. Moreover, it has no hidden fees and allows users to generate their own user handle, instead of dealing with a string of numbers of letters. A feature which will certainly be appreciated by a lot of users, as it makes for a more convenient experience.

Coinomi Supports Multiple Currencies

Over the past few years, a lot of developers have shifted from focusing on one cryptocurrency to offering support for multiple projects. In the case of Coinomi, it is one of the oldest multi-currency wallet solutions for the mobile community. It is also one of the more popular Bitcoin SV wallet son the market today. Desktop users can also make use of this offering, as it is accessible on Mac, Linux, and Windows alike. Definitely an option worth checking out for those with a diversified portfolio.

Guarda Supports Web, Mobile, and Desktop

For users who prefer a cross-platform solution, the Guarda project will have most people covered. It is not one of the pure Bitcoin SV wallets, a sit supports multiple currencies and assets. However, users can enjoy the exact same ecosystem across mobile, desktop, and web, which makes it a very interesting offering all around. It also seems to be well-appreciated by the broader cryptocurrency community.

Exodus for Multi-asset Control on Desktop

Users who are not too bothered by Bitcoin SV wallets for mobile can always rely on Exodus. It is a very popular multi-currency desktop wallet, which supports several dozen projects. By adding BSV support quite some time ago, the project gained a bit more popularity. There is also a built-in exchange function which might be of great interest to some users. It is evident there is plenty of support for BSV among wallet developers, regardless of the potential controversy surrounding this project.

Electrum SV is the Staple

In the cryptocurrency industry, virtually every project has its own version of an Electrum wallet. Bitcoin SV is no exception in this regard, as its native ElectrumSV client makes it easier to manage one’s assets on a desktop. It is far from an advanced wallet client, but it will get the job done for most holders and speculators regardless. This is also one of the Bitcoin SV wallets which will always be around, as its code is easily accessible on GitHub.

Edge, Formerly Known as AirBitz

Older Bitcoin enthusiasts may recall the AirBitz wallet when it was still around. Several years ago, the wallet solution was rebranded to Edge. It is still a multi-currency mobile wallet which supports over two dozen different assets. That list also includes Bitcoin SV, as it is a major currency in this industry. It is one of the mobile wallets with the best reputation, as the project has been around for nearly five years now. It also offers some other built-in functionality for users to explore in the future.

Atomic Wallet Sees Merit in BSV

When it comes to supporting many different cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets, there is no reason to exclude Atomic Wallet. While it is still a relatively new product, all things considered, it has enabled support for several hundred assets.  It can be used as a desktop wallet with a built-in atomic swap trading solution. It is good to see Bitcoin SV wallets explore options to let users exchange assets without having to rely on custodial solutions.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency or digital currency.


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