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Top Picks for Q1 2024: Michael van de Poppe Highlights Chainlink (LINK) and Optimism (OP), with Meme Moguls Set to Shine

Another vulnerable crypto season is upon us, maybe even the most vulnerable season so far, considering Bitcoin halving is anticipated to happen in the next four months. In light of this year’s Q1, major crypto analyst, Michael van de Poppe spotlights Chainlink and Optimism among his top altcoins. We’ll look into the potential of Chainlink and Optimism as well as Meme Moguls’ potential to shine this year.

Crypto Analyst Thinks Chainlink (LINK) Should Be Held in Anticipation of 2024’s DeFi Rally

Michael van de Poppe particularly talked about Chainlink as he mentioned the coin among his top 5 altcoins for this year’s Q1. Michael took to X, saying in particular that he would love to include Chainlink in his portfolio due to the possibility of a DeFi rally in 2024.

Chainlink is indeed one of the major DeFi players in the data processing field, with a network that enables the integration of off-chain data into smart contracts. Additionally, Chainlink’s price is on a bullish trend today and its trading volume is over 35.84% up as of the past 24 hours.

Chainlink is one of the top crypto coins in the market right now, with superb innovative utilities that support the growth of DeFi. Ordinarily, we can expect Chainlink’s price to surge this Q1 along with its market cap.

Optimism (OP) May Reach $5 Before the End of 2024’s Q1

Optimism has had an amazing run throughout 2023, racking up a massive 314.65% increase, taking the Optimism price from $1 around early January last year, to its current range of $3.6 to $3.9

According to Optimism’s recent trading volume and market cap, the coin shows the potential of maintaining a price appreciation. Optimistic’s price is almost at $4 as of January 2. It’s only a matter of time before the Optimism price appreciates to $5.

Even Michael van de Poppe spotlights Optimism as a potential altcoin to watch out for this Q1. So, we can expect Optimism to remain among the top crypto coins that will attract gains this season.

Meme Moguls (MGLS) is Set to Shine Further in This New Crypto Season

Meme Moguls appears poised to shine in the crypto landscape by combining entertainment with education and real-world application. Its unique approach of blending a P2E meme token with simulated investing games, tournaments, and a metaverse in Moguls World has never been done before.

This distinction may potentially make Meme Moguls a popular choice for the best crypto investment. The attention that this project will see is already happening as it has almost sold out its fourth presale with each $MGLS token going for $0.0027.

The emphasis on utility through $MGLS tokens, governance, and in-game currency adds substance beyond mere hype. With features like beating the market, head-to-head contests, wealth leaderboards, and NFT characters, Meme Moguls provides a multifaceted experience for users, promising both fun and financial gains.

The integration of staking further enhances engagement, offering players an avenue to earn more $MGLS tokens. In this new crypto season, Meme Moguls could attract attention for its innovative and comprehensive approach, appealing to a diverse audience of crypto enthusiasts and gamers seeking the next best crypto investment.

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