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Trader Foresees Ethereum Rally Post Strong December; Celestia & Borroe Finance Set for New Highs

According to an analyst, Ethereum (ETH), a leader in decentralized applications (dApps), will likely increase by over 20% soon. Meanwhile, other altcoins including Celestia (TIA) and Web3 funding project, Borroe Finance ($ROE) are attracting massive attention.


Ethereum’s Potential Rally

Being the first blockchain-based platform for the development of smart contract-based applications, Ethereum is home to the largest set of dApps including decentralized exchanges (DEX), lending platforms and more. 

Altogether, a prominent crypto analyst, Rekt Capital gives the insights that there is likely to be an upsurge for Ethereum for the year 2024. The analyst calls attention to this potential spike by providing a graph illustrating how Ethereum tested the $2,274 level and followed with an upward surge towards $ 2,791.

Currently, Ethereum trades at $2,660, with a strong support area around the range of $2,150 and can forecast an optimistic future if that level is sustained. 

The current market dynamics of Ethereum show a price fall by 3.00% in the last seven days. Ethereum is trading with circulating supply amounting to 12 million ETH and its crypto market cap at $267 billion.

Celestia’s Surprising Growth (TIA)

Since its launch on October 31, 2023 Celestia, is a modular blockchain that goes beyond all expectations when it comes to rallying of the price for TIA token by over 500%. While TIA had a slow start in on-chain activity, this currency boasts significant transaction numbers that are ahead of other competitors like Cosmos. The spike of on-chain activity corresponds to an 85% increase in just two weeks, suggesting a potential trend.

Celestia’s distinctive modular data availability network approach makes it different and improves blockchain scalability as well as boosting developer experience. The blockchain allows for easy rollups much like the Zero Knowledge proofs in Ethereum, enabling a vibrant decentralized ecosystem that can currently reach 14 TPS.

Borroe Finance’s Innovative Web3 Financing

Borroe Finance ($ROE) introduces itself as a key player in the Web3 financing sphere with an ambition to reinvent funding for businesses within this rapidly developing environment. 

The project combats liquidity issues in Web3 companies through its AI-based invoice discounting NFT marketplace.

Borroe Finance is powered by the $ROE token, a utility that enables Web3 businesses to mint NFTs representing future revenue streams while granting upfront cash and an investment stake for investors. 

Borroe Finance is a platform that simplifies the mechanism of finance by using innovative techs such as blockchain, AI and smart contracts. The project is at its presale phase where more than 98% of tokens in stage three have been sold out, strengthening investor’s willingness to HODL the tokens.

Unlike hype-driven coin offerings, Borroe Finance’s core mission is security and transparency. Blockchain ensures transparent and immutable transactions, while AI-based vetting processes minimize risks for investors. Rigorous audits by BlockAudit make the platform safe; as such, $ROE is a promising investment.

Borroe Finance benefits from the leadership of Michael Price and Maxim Prishchepo so that this project differs from others created by striving anonymous teams. This experience, especially in tier-1 projects, makes them confident about the viability of this project.

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