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TRON and CRO Scramble As Rocketing Presale Nears $2M!

Raboo’s presale approaches the $2 million mark, igniting widespread interest among investors and industry observers. This surge has made established cryptocurrencies such as TRON and CRO adjust their strategies as they feel the disruptive effect of Raboo’s fundraising success.

As these big players try to shift their positions, the developing picture provides a rather exciting snapshot of the business of cryptocurrencies. Read on as we discuss the impact of Raboo’s sudden surge and what it all means for the rest of the altcoins in digital currencies. 

TRON’s market response 

TRON has been increasing its technological competitiveness against the rapidly growing presale competition from Raboo by focusing on its technological foundation and community. Thus, TRON’s focus on improving the capability of its blockchain to achieve higher scalability and performance directly contributes to strengthening the company’s presence in the market. This involved adjustments to its delegated proof-of-stake (dPoS) algorithm, which enhances transaction speed and decreases costs to lure developers and users to the platform.

Moreover, TRON has remained active in linking with new partners and platforms, vital in the current market, which is experiencing increasing competition from creative projects like Raboo. TRON network has also been improving its visibility and usability, which is evident from its efforts to integrate more user-friendly features, enhance transaction speed, and expand its global outreach​​. These proactive steps are part of TRON’s broader strategy to retain its user base and attract new investments by showcasing robust infrastructure and a secure investment environment.

CRO’s strategic adjustments

In response to Raboo’s rising presale success, CRO has made strategic adjustments to bolster its market position. The platform enhances network interoperability and is expected to increase its attractiveness and functionality within the crypto ecosystem. This strategic pivot aims to make CRO more versatile and integrated across different blockchain networks, potentially increasing its utility and user value​​.

Moreover, CRO has been actively promoting its advantages, such as significant cashback rewards through its Pay service and various staking benefits that enhance user returns and boost its market position. These initiatives are part of a broader effort to maintain CRO’s relevance and appeal in a rapidly evolving market where new entrants like Raboo quickly gain attention​​. These adjustments suggest that CRO is positioning itself to compete more effectively with upcoming cryptocurrencies and capitalize on the growing demand for more integrated and user-friendly blockchain solutions. 

Raboo’s impressive presale performance 

Raboo’s presale success culminates in several strategic and innovative approaches that have captivated the crypto community’s attention. It taps into the current trend of meme-driven investments and introduces a novel Post-to-Earn mechanism, enabling users to monetize social media engagement directly through cryptocurrency rewards. This feature, combined with effective marketing strategies and robust community engagement, has helped Raboo near the significant $2 million mark in fundraising, boasting over 10,000 registered users and 2,900 token holders with a 60% price increase since its launch.

Raboo’s approach reshapes expectations around cryptocurrency investments and presale funding models, emphasizing community-driven growth and direct user rewards. Its success starkly contrasts the more traditional paths followed by established cryptocurrencies like TRON and CRO, which focus on broader blockchain infrastructure and utility-driven benefits. This divergence highlights Raboo’s innovative market positioning. It signifies a shift in investment flows towards projects that offer immediate, tangible benefits to a participative user base, potentially setting new trends for how cryptocurrencies engage with and grow their communities.


Raboo’s explosive presale success is shaking up the cryptocurrency landscape, challenging established players like TRON and CRO to innovate or risk falling behind. This event underscores the critical importance of innovation and strategic agility in maintaining competitiveness in the swiftly evolving crypto market. Investors and enthusiasts should watch these developments as they signal shifting trends and opportunities that could redefine future market dynamics. Stay tuned, as the ripple effects of Raboo’s rise could catalyze significant changes in how cryptocurrencies operate and engage with users.

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