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UK’s NSH Wants a Centralized Coronavirus app Despite Privacy Concerns

As part of the global coronavirus crisis, many contact-tracing applications are under development. The NHS in the UK keeps an eye on the proceedings, but will not go with the plan outlined by Apple and Google.

A contact-tracing application can be of great value during the global coronavirus crisis.

NHS Wants a Different Coronavirus AppĀ 

It helps to keep track of regions where infections have been confirmed by medical personnel.

Finding the right app for every country individually has been an ongoing challenge.

In the UK, the NHS is in charge of either developing such an app or finding someone who can provide the software infrastructure.

Initially, it was expected that the app proposed by Apple and Google would be adopted.

That will, after careful consideration, not be the case after all.

The underlying model of the Apple and Google app raises too many questions.

Meeting public health needs and supporting detection of contact events are two of the core features the app needs to provide.

The proposal by Apple and Google had its merits, however.

Despite that aspect, the NHS will favor a centralized – and thus non-private – system first and foremost.

Even during the coronavirus crisis, data harvesting remains an active business model.

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