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Upcoming Bullish Breakout: Top Crypto Coins to Keep An Eye On

In the past months, competition in the crypto market has become more fierce as new cryptos challenge the status quo of the best crypto coins in the crypto market. Even in the midst of the highly volatile market, there are still some top crypto coins with strong bullish potential. Among the experts picked to invest in June are Angry Pepe Fork, Aptos, and Filecoin. With the market experiencing a retracement, this presents the best opportunity to accumulate these tokens. 

Angry Pepe Fork – A Game-Changer in the Crypto Industry

The top players in the crypto market are having their positions challenged due to the emergence of Angry Pepe Fork. This isn’t just another Solana-based meme coin; it is a new top crypto coin set to rival the best crypto coins like Bonk and dogwifhat. Due to its bullish momentum, it has attracted many crypto traders and investors who are looking away from Filecoin and Aptos. 

Armed with its innovative Conquer to Earn model, Angry Pepe Fork is on a mission to defeat zombie meme coins that are causing havoc in the blockchain. With the help of the Angry Pepe Fork Army, these zombie meme coins will be defected. Individuals who display their power on the battlefield will earn rewards and APORK tokens while becoming elite members of the Angry Pepe Fork community. 

These individuals will be rewarded using the APORK staking portal and quests. Unlike other projects, the APORK staking portal will be live at the presale. As more zombie meme coins are defeated the APY of the APORK army also increases. Presently, the Angry Pepe Fork team is seeking partners who can contribute positively to the ecosystem. As such, APORK is the best cryptocurrency to buy now. 

Meanwhile, the APORK token is in stage 1 of the presale and sold for $0.014. Unlike other meme coins, the APORK token has a strict supply of 1.9B. This will create scarcity and increase its value in the long term. Top crypto analysts who reviewed the white paper picked APORK as one of the best crypto investments of 2024. Now is the best time to join before it heads to the moon. 

Aptos Price Expected to Soar 60% as Analysts Predict Breakout

Aptos is a top blockchain that uses the proof-of-stake smart contract network for faster transaction execution. The ecosystem’s main goal is to achieve high throughput and high security for smart contracts. It uses the $APT coin for all transactions in its ecosystem, making secure payments and participating in key governance decisions on the blockchain. 

Meanwhile, top crypto analyst Jonathan Carter believes that Aptos price is forming an ascending triangle pattern on a 3-day timeframe with a high probability of bouncing from the ascending support and rising in the coming days. Based on the Aptos price prediction by popular crypto expert Cryptosahintas, the APT price will hit $100 in the coming weeks, making it one of the best crypto coins to invest in

Bullish Signals Suggest Filecoin Price Surge on the Horizon

Filecoin is a world-renowned open-source cryptocurrency platform that uses the FIL token as the main utility currency in its ecosystem. Holders of this token can use the $FIL to make and receive payments. Also, as one of the most versatile digital assets globally, Filecoin can be traded globally. 

According to top crypto analyst Golden Crypto Signals, Filecoin is one of the best crypto coins to watch. The analyst believes the Filecoin price is forming an ascending channel, which indicates a bullish trend is ahead. Although the Filecoin market cap and trading volume have not been impressive for a while, the token is still hovering around the $5 support zone. With more buyer activity, the FIL price will retest the $10 mark soon. 

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