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Verge Price Gains 20% And Surpasses $0.011 Again

As the new week comes along, it will be interesting to see how the different cryptocurrency markets evolve accordingly. Most of the bearish pressure has been wiped out again, which would allow for some interesting altcoin momentum. As far as the Verge price is concerned, it would appear a major bull run is already forming as of right now. Somewhat surprising, primarily because XVG isn’t that popular among traders anymore.

Verge Price Uptrend is Quite Steep

It has become apparent cryptocurrency markets tend to evolve in many different ways these days. More specifically, there is always a chance markets will head in a direction people wouldn’t necessarily expect. Verge is an interesting example right now, primarily because this altcoin hasn’t been on too many people’s radar as of late. Ever since its Pornhub partnership failed to make big things happen, it seems XVG has disappeared into obscurity a bit.

Today, however, the Verge price is making a very strong comeback all of a sudden. More specifically, the XVG value has gained 20.33% to rise to $0.011071 again. Additionally, there is also a 17.65% increase in XVG/BTC, as this ratio has now returned to 210 Satoshi. Both of these trends are very promising in many different ways, albeit the overall trading volume is not necessarily all that promising in terms of keeping this trend up for very long.

On social media, the Verge crowd has been rather silent in recent months. Today is a different day, primarily because the price is rising. Mick expects TRX to remain very bullish moving forward, albeit his comment about it potentially overtaking TRX doesn’t seem to make too much sense as of right now. Both projects are separated by over $1bn in market cap, thus it seems unlikely any major changes will occur in this regard.

One interesting development is taking place behind the scenes which may effectively warrant a minor price increase. The Merchandise Online Store is almost completed and should be launching in the very near future. While apparel and clothing is not necessarily something which can trigger a major price increase, it is still a pretty big part of the project’s roadmap. Seeing those steps being completed is a sign of how Verge isn’t dead just yet.

When looking at the XVG price chart itself, it would appear things are getting pretty interesting moving forward. This most recent uptrend has caught a lot of traders by surprise, but there is still a lot of good money to be made in the process. How high the price will go, is a different matter altogether, as there is a genuine chance this market will go through a major reversal in the near future

Overall, it seems Verge is surprising a lot of traders in a positive manner. While these gains may not necessarily be sustained for the long run, there is plenty of potential momentum across the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.  When even XVG can move up so decisively, the other markets should be more than capable of noting big gains on their own as the day progresses.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.


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