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Web3 Delight Abu Dhabi – Unleashing the Potential for the Future Tech Development

Abu Dhabi, UAE – After the first successful event in Lagos, Nigeria, the Web3 Delight is moving to the thriving capital of UAE. Abu Dhabi Web3 Delight is a unique next-generation event dedicated to developing and adopting blockchain in the growth markets. It’s the second in the series of Web3 conferences organized by SwiftMotion Media, a fully capitalized micro-VC, an investment arm of the management consultancy Agile Dynamics.

This in-person and online event takes place on November 15th, 2022, featuring speakers from Saudi Arabia and Argentina, the US and Russia to Serbia, and the United Arab Emirates to Nigeria.

SwiftMotion Media is honored to bring Web3 Delight Abu Dhabi to Hotel Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Khor at Rabdan, Al Maqta’, Abu Dhabi. To register for the event, please visit

Designed as an event dedicated to knowledge transfer in Web3 space, Web3 Delight Abu Dhabi’s mission is to bring value to the attendees by providing pragmatic insights into the most real-life applications and relevant fields of development of blockchain technologies.

As a creation of Paul Lalovich, Managing Director of Agile Dynamics, Web3 Delight will string together growth markets from Lagos to Ho Shi Min City over  Abu Dhabi into a broader community united through the socialization of Web3 technologies and the growth of blockchain adoption.

As the MENA innovation capital, Abu Dhabi leads the way in blockchain adoption as part of the transformation outlined in The Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. Investments in the tech sector are the forefront priority of the UAE as part of the mission of becoming a global technology hub. According to the Global Innovation Index, the UAE ranks as the best environment for innovation across the Arab world.

With a mission to provide the means for an innovative creator economy that is inclusive, secure, and cooperative, Web3 Abu Dhabi is gathering global and local Web3 stakeholders to create an environment of opportunities for the decentralized future of technology. The event schedule is built across the value chain of Web3. It is designed to provide a comprehensive perspective across the Web3 technologies landscape, answering questions on how to create value with a blockchain and build superior businesses.

In addition, we will have a fully interactive panel discussion engaging the audience and answering their challenging questions in real time. We’ll address NFTs, blockchain gaming, metaverse, DeFi, Cryptocurrencies, DAOs, etc.

Web3 is not about technology only! Tech is just a vehicle for the much more significant change upon us. This social movement promotes transparency, consensus, inclusiveness, ownership, and openness.

Contact Information: Tesha Teshanovich

Email: [email protected]


Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. NullTX is an official media sponsor of Web3 Delight Abu Dhabi.

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