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What Is KardiaChain and What Are the Most Popular Projects Built on It?

According to its description, KardiaChain is the first decentralized, open-source, and self-improving blockchain infrastructure. The team wants to push the limits of current technology by addressing one of the biggest problems with blockchain technology: the dispersion of blockchain ecosystems.

With its support, users will be able to take advantage of the potential of the Blockchain and Web3 Ecosystem. Simply put, KardiaChain’s mission is to promote the widespread adoption of blockchain and web 3 technology worldwide.

Popular Projects Built On KardiaChain

Note: This list is sorted by their respective 24-hour volume from the lowest to highest.


  • Volume: $12.64k
  • Category: Exchange / DeFi
  • Balance: $12.04

With the capabilities of a fully decentralized cross-chain token trading platform, KAIDEX is the first of its type in the decentralized exchange market.

The Dual Node technique, which has a patent application filed and would utterly revolutionize multi-chain swapping, is the foundation of KAIDEX. Users can trade tokens from any blockchain environment using Dual Node without the need for partner chains to be integrated.

KAIDEX is the first to address the drawbacks and is ambitious in its use of both CEX and DEX advantages. The goal of KAIDEX is to establish a one-stop DeFi protocol that instills kindness throughout the entire community.


  • Volume: $27.17
  • Category: DeFi
  • Balance: $103.88k

DeFi protocol, BecoSwap, was created on the KardiaChain Chain Network. With the help of a ton of cool features like Launchpad, Yield Farm, Lottery, and NFT marketplace, users may earn and win tokens within the protocol.

BecoSwap, the runner-up in the KardiaChain Pioneer Program, is built to utilize DeFi functionalities and extend the KardiaChain ecosystem.

Self-optimized and permissionless liquidity pools powered by smart contract algorithms are BecoSwap’s unique selling point.


  • Volume: $45.25
  • Category: DeFi
  • Balance: $66.04k

The LiveTrade ecosystem enables ongoing trading between cryptocurrencies and stocks.

For the use of the LiveTrade App, which tokenizes equities using blockchain technology, users of all capital levels will soon be able to buy shares of foreign and Vietnamese publicly traded companies for as little as $1. The platform allows for 24/7 trading, and users’ tokenized equities can be converted into real firm shares for dividend payments.

The LiveTrade DApp is a multichain platform for staking, yield farming, peer-to-peer lending and borrowing, stock repo, and Digital Initial Private Offering (DIPO) project funding.

Kardia info

  • Volume: $172.47
  • Category: DeFi
  • Balance: $30.06k

Kardia Info is a website with an oracle, staking, farming, and betting mini-game that aims to provide accurate and current information on tokens on the KardiaChain network. This means getting the latest KardiaChain stats in one place.

You will have easy access to knowledge about anything KardiaChain with the help of Kardia info.

Smart contracts and apps may both access historical pricing data for each KRC-20 token with only one request, thanks to the backend service for Kardia Info. This allows for exceptionally rapid loading times.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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