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What’s Behind Monero (XMR) Unexpected Rally and InQubeta (QUBE) Revolutionary AI Technology?

The crypto world, despite its unpredictability, continues to captivate investors and enthusiasts. This is evident in its rapid price surges, meaning investors can wake up as millionaires. In the same light, the previous week saw Monero experience a strong rally and InQubeta create buzz for its revolutionary AI technology.

Continue reading as we delve into these events and explore the factors that contributed to them.

InQubeta (QUBE): Intersection between blockchain technology and revolutionary AI technology

InQubeta is a new entrant in the crypto landscape whose buzz and revolutionary AI technology cannot be ignored. To solve a critical problem in the AI industry, InQubeta leverages blockchain technology to create a decentralized platform for AI fundraising.

The project’s intersection between blockchain technology and AI introduced a novel concept: the first Web3 crowdfunding platform for AI startups. As such, the platform aims to become a mutually beneficial ecosystem where AI startups can raise funds and enthusiasts can invest in profitable AI businesses.

At the heart of the ecosystem will be its custom-built NFT marketplace, which will ensure seamless fundraising events and investment activities. AI-based developers and entrepreneurs will be able to raise funds by minting investment opportunities in their startups. This is the same as giving up stakes in businesses, which will be tokenized as NFTs. Meanwhile, to give democratized access to AI investments and allow all members to participate in AI investments, NFTs will be fractionalized. This investment model will allow investors to invest based on their income, therefore choosing their commitment level.

More importantly, one of the chief appeals of the project is its enormous growth potential. Analysts’ prediction of its value proposition in terms of growth is 30x before the end of the year, meaning early investors will see a return of 3,000% on their investments. Moreover, the token’s current price is competitive, at $0.0112 per token, which means investors can invest a small amount and still reap significant rewards.

Other features of the project that resonate with investors include its deflationary token and strong community.

As a deflationary token, QUBE’s total supply will reduce over time, which currently stands at 1.5 billion. The burn tax will permanently remove from circulation 2% of all token sales and 1% of all token purchases. The significance is that there will be scarcity, which can potentially impact the price of the token.

Successful projects are  built on strong communities, and InQubeta’s vibrant community, which spans popular social media platforms, will contribute to its growth. With the project poised to rally thanks to its strong fundamentals, deflationary supply, and vibrant community, investors are advised to accumulate the QUBE token via the link below.

Monero (XMR): Unexpected rally explained

Monero is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency and a favorite among users and crypto enthusiasts who prioritize privacy, anonymity, and confidentiality in transactions. This makes Monero a key player within the blockchain ecosystem and crypto landscape.

During the weekend, when traditional financial markets were closed, Monero rode the volatility wave to register a rally. A key factor that contributed to the price surge in Monero is its reputation as a privacy-centric crypto. The increasing number of users seeking to maintain financial confidentiality resulted in a spike. Additionally, market sentiment also played a role in the surge in the price of Monero.


The recent weekend rally in Monero highlights the volatility of the crypto market, increasing demand for the token, and market sentiment. On the other hand, the excitement surrounding InQubeta is due to its cutting-edge AI technology that merges with blockchain. Its innovative solution within the AI sector puts it on the cusp of adoption, therefore making its QUBE token a promising investment.

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