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Why CEEK Tops The VR/AR Tokens List with $75M Market Cap

Many Metaverse projects are currently in play, offering services in the metaverse. Despite the bear market that has seen many projects go underwater, the CEEK Metaverse project has thrived in these challenging situations. They’ve often launched collaborations, the most recent one being #MiamiGardens.

Security-wise, Certik recently released Top NFT projects with the highest Trustscore, having CEEK topping the list. CEEK is newly listed on the OKX exchange, showing how much the team works even in harsh crypto conditions. Throughout the month of October, CEEK has maintained the spot of the most traded Metaverse tokens.

Definition: Primarily, CEEK VR (CEEK) is a metaverse project that brings a link between content creators and their fans, enabling artists to acquire recognition, interact with audiences anywhere, and make money off of their creative endeavors.

This is one of the significant factors setting CEEK aside from other Metaverse projects. It’s built on the Web3 concept. It gives back to content creators the value they provide to the system. By using CEEK VR, advertisers can identify user traffic, create financial transparency, and provide artists with new sources of income. The official website and VR headsets are two ways to access the CEEK VR metaverse.

Simply put, Musicians, athletes, and other digital content creators can connect with their fans in virtual worlds directly through CEEK.

CEEK, The Future Of Music Streaming And Publishing

With the help of CEEK’s patent-winning virtual events streaming platform, content creators can make money off of their work and reach global audiences. With a brand-new method to connect with and make money from their fanbase, CEEK opens up new revenue streams for musicians and other music creators. To ensure quick, effective, and seamless monetization for musicians and content creators, CEEK tokens enable real-time artist payments verified on the blockchain.

CEEK NFT Marketplace

Online generation and trading of blockchain-based digital assets will be possible thanks to CEEK’s NFT marketplace. CEEK’s NFT Marketplace will enable users to truly own digital goods in different digital reality scenarios. The CEEK NFT Marketplace has these offerings:

  • Ceekers can store collectibles, both digitally and physically.
  • Membership – Ceekers will get exclusive access to information, experiences, and more from their favorite stars.
  • Ownership – Publishers and music rights owners can monitor the royalties and dividends they receive on digital assets streamed through the decentralized CEEK player.


In its virtual reality “CEEK CITY,” CEEK now provides a variety of immersive VR experiences, including a theater, concert arena, sports complex, hangout area, and more. After the token launch, end users can use the CEEK Token to do various things, like make purchases, select content, and manage the programming.

Milestone Partnerships

The collaboration between CEEK VR and Universal Music gives its fans access to live performances by stars such as Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, U2, Sting, Ziggy Marley, and others! Also, there will be other future releases from CEEK featuring well-known musicians, record labels, and influencers.

Exchange: The CEEK VR price is at $0.0938, down 3.7%, with a 24-hour trading volume of $14,145,310. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #188, with a live market cap of $75,382,589. CEEK is currently trading live on OKX, MEXC, Bitget, Bybit, and BingX.

As the exciting world of virtual reality meets real-world opportunity through Smart Contract governance on the Binance Smart Chain, every CEEK Token holder will be able to participate in virtual reality space for real-world celebrity concerts, award shows, tech talks, charity fund-raisers, sporting events, VR commerce, classroom learning, and much more (BSC).

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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