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Why Kaspa, Akash Network and KangaMoon Are Keeping Traders Hopeful

Specific altcoins grab the attention of traders due to their potential for tremendous profits. Kaspa (KAS), Akash Network (AKT), and KangaMoon (KANG) are making the most noise.

While KAS and AKT are top altcoins, KANG is a rookie now in the Bonus Stage of its presale. However, market analysts hint it could become the next $1 altcoin in 2024. 

Kaspa (KAS): Rusty Kaspa Node Now in Open Beta

Recently, Kaspa (KAS) has been experiencing an uptrend. According to CoinMarketCap data, the Kaspa coin value surged nearly 500% on the YTD charts. This bullish trend is projected to continue as Kaspa announced that the Rusty Kaspa (RK) node is now in open beta. This is a big milestone as KAS now shifts to a more optimized engine. 

Due to this bullish Kaspa news, traders remain hopeful for its long-term growth. Experts in the crypto field foresee a potential surge to $0.16 for this altcoin within Q2 of 2024. As Kaspa also has over 18 technical indicators in the green, this price prediction seems plausible.

Akash Network (AKT): Altcoin Rally Due to Mainnet Upgrade 

Akash Network (AKT) is another one of the altcoins to watch. Over the past 12 months, this altcoin’s price increased over 2,300%. Recently, Akash Network has been trading in the green after completing its new Mainnet 11 upgrade. According to Akash Network, this upgrade improved the management of authorized AKT. 

Not only that, but Akash Network is now trading above its 50—and 100-day EMAs. As a result of this bullish Akash Network news, market analysts are bullish. They predict the Akash Network coin will reach a value of $6.98 before the end of Q2 2024. 

KangaMoon (KANG): A Major Tier-1 CEX Listing Ahead 

Recently, KangaMoon (KANG) gained attention after the significant Tier-1 CEX BitMart announced it would list this altcoin soon. According to the available data, this usually results in a price spike. And given that KANG has already provided early buyers with a 400% ROI, this means tremendous growth ahead. 

KangaMoon’s objective is to dominate the Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming market, which will reach $8856M by 2028. It is likely to be well placed as a key player by launching its own P2E game, where users can spend KANG on character upgrades. In addition, KangaMoon provides KANG holders with weekly, monthly or quarterly challenges for extra tokens. 

But what really makes KangaMoon special is its SocialFi aspect, which focuses on giving back to its community. Notably, KangaMoon now gives free KANG before its official launch to its most active community members. Therefore, there are now over 20,000 registered community members who are engaging with KangaMoon’s social media posts to earn this altcoin for free. 

Currently, one KANG costs just $0.025 in the Bonus Stage of its presale – a 400% rise from its starting price of $0.005. But remember that other Tier-1 CEX listings will also come. As a result, experts predict a potential rise to $1 within Q2 of 2024 for KANG. This makes KANG one of the top altcoins right now. 

Will KangaMoon Rise Quicker Than Kaspa and Akash Network?

Due to its lower market cap of $25M compared to Kaspa and Akash Network, KangaMoon is poised to have faster price appreciation. In other words, KANG will see a price surge with fewer new funds injected into it. Because of this, KANG has emerged as the top choice for the best altcoin list. To buy it, sign up for its presale by following the links below. 

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