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Why The Recent THORChain and Kaspa Downtrend Presents An Opportunity For Everlodge

After a strong performance in November, both THORChain and Kaspa have faced price declines over the last week. This has caused a decrease in trading volume for both projects as investors look to diversify their portfolios. However, this downtrend is a big opportunity for Everlodge, one of the DeFi markets fastest growing presales. Here’s why.

Kaspa’s Growth Slows After 1550% Rally In 2023

Kaspa has taken the crypto market by storm in 2023. Its value has soared by 1574% to $0.1195, putting Kaspa on the radars of investors worldwide. During its price increase, Kaspa hit a market cap of $3.2 billion, and is now ranked the 27th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Should Kaspa continue on its current trajectory, crypto analysts speculate that Kaspa could break into the top 10 crypto rankings. However, the project has faced a sharp decline over the last week, decreasing in value by 14%. This is one of the steepest declines Kaspa has faced in 2023, and has created doubt amongst some investors.

THORChain Is Down 11% In December

Much like Kaspa, THORChain has experienced rapid growth in 2023. Its value has increased by over 300% and THORChain is now ranked the 37th largest cryptocurrency by market cap. On its current trajectory experts predict that THORChain could break into the top 30 ranked cryptocurrencies by the end of Q1, which would be a huge milestone for the project.

However, THORChains growth has slowed over the last week. After passing $6, THORChain experienced a price decline of 11.17%, taking the project back to $5.80. Nonetheless confidence in THORChain remains high with the project hitting over $350 million in daily trading volume.

Could This Decline Be An Opportunity For Everlodge?

As THORChain and Kaspa lose their momentum, Everlodge is thriving and has sold out during its latest presale stage.

Everlodge is the world’s first DeFi marketplace designed for travel properties. Using Everlodge investors can purchase equity in some of the world’s most stunning travel properties including luxury villas, holiday homes and even hotels.

To do this investors begin by purchasing a fractionalized NFT that represents equity in a property. For example, an NFT that represents 20% of a holiday home in France. The NFT owner will then earn an income from that NFT and the NFTs value will increase if the property’s value rises.

This unique application is expected to be a game changer throughout the travel property market. As Everlodge gains momentum some experts speculate that Everlodge could one day become a market leader in holiday home ownership.

To power its ecosystem, Everlodge will use ELDG tokens. ELDG tokens are currently selling at $0.027 during stage eight of the Everlodge presale. These tokens will play an important role on the Everlodge platform and will reward holders with voting rights, discounts and free stays at properties.

As more investors begin to diversify their portfolios due to negative market trends, Everlodge is expected to grow exponentially. With this in mind, some experts believe that Everlodge could be one of DeFi’s best new projects in 2024.

For more information about the ongoing Everlodge (ELDG) Presale, please visit their website.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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