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Will IOTA and ETH’s sudden 2024 surge cause a bullish cycle for NEO and Raboo?

Following the seemingly unending bearish market, a larger part of the crypto market has begun to see green, and ETH and IOTA are among the biggest gainers. This surge has turned attention to how this development has influenced NEO and the prominent new Raboo meme coin. 

In particular, Raboo continues its glorious ascent, with presale interest surging at a breakneck pace. Could the bull surge herald a new era of growth and opportunity for NEO and Raboo, or will their trajectories unfold independently amidst the evolving crypto market? Let’s find out.

IOTA (IOTA) and ETH’s Sudden Upswing: What is Responsible?

Ethereum has maintained its position as the second-largest crypto asset by market cap for years. Thus, its relentless ascent on the price chat is unsurprising. Last week, Ethereum crossed the $4k mark amid optimism surrounding its upcoming Dencun Upgrade. Over the previous 24 hours, ETH has seen a 10.02% increase in its price and market valuation and is now hovering around $3500.

Ethereum’s positive outlook has ignited optimism that spilled over to NEO (NEO) and Raboo (RABT). But IOTA is not left out. After dealing with a bad spell, IOTA (IOTA) regained its feet. The open-source distributed ledger technology soared above $0.31, a 9.46% increase in the past 24 hours.

Raboo (RABT) Takes the Spotlight. Eyes 100x At Launch

Raboo epitomizes a new era of sophistication for meme coins—an innovative mix of Social-Fi, AI, and blockchain technology. Its unparalleled benefits to traders and investors transcend the traditional meme’s improvidence. Powered by AI, Raboo features a SocialFi concept that introduces a post-to-earn system, where increased engagement yields greater rewards. 

Besides, Raboo leverages the Ethereum chain to provide an efficient and inclusive ecosystem for everyone. Thus, the ongoing bullish trend of Ethereum is likely to translate into an uptick for Raboo during its presale and post-launch. 

Notably, its presale has recorded a massive surge in demand at an enticing $0.0036 price in stage two. As Ethereum and AI present promising outlooks, the RABT presale is undoubtedly a golden opportunity to catch during presale.

Can NEO See an Uptick in This Surge?

Launched in 2014, NEO is a blockchain that fully digitizes assets through smart contracts to facilitate a smart economy. While NEO looked like an actual competition after its launch, its disruptive vision was short-lived as it could not catch up.

The past seven days have been a bloodbath for NEO, which has crashed further by 11.46% to $14.64. However, the silver lining for NEO (NEO) investors is its positive monthly performance at 20.4%. While this highlights the volatile nature of the crypto market, experts think a sustained Ethereum surge can help NEO regain its footing alongside Raboo.

Conclusion: Is RABT The Best Crypto to Buy Now?

While NEO and IOTA (IOTA) show strong potential amid Ethereum’s surge, Raboo remains the best crypto to buy now. Its alluring price and growing 100x outlook for Raboo put it above all competition this year. Technology-wise, Raboo is a beacon of innovation that set a new rule for its predecessors. Secure your stake in this meme revolution and join the RABT presale now.

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