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World’s First Blockchain PR Service, Bitcoin PR Buzz Now Guarantees Publications on CoinTelegraph,, Bitcoinist, NewsBTC, with $1000 Discount

Getting the right words to the right people is critical for any firm. In this digital age where information flows at the speed of light, letting users and potential backers/clients of the latest happenings in a firm can be a make it or break it situation. With major social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube having strict policy against not running crypto related ads, blockchain firms rely heavily on disseminating news to crypto news platforms. Bitcoin PR Buzz is the original blockchain dedicated PR service that helps decentralized firms by creating, distributing and publishing their press releases and news articles.

Platinum Executive Package

Working with some of the most prominent projects that have graced the blockchain arena, Bitcoin PR Buzz has announced its all-new Platinum Executive package which now includes guaranteed publications on the biggest crypto PR news platforms. Theses include CoinTelegraph,, Hackernoon, NewsBTC and many others. The expanded portfolio gives excellent value for money for blockchain firms seeking a wider and greater audience.

When it comes to value, the Platinum Executive package not only offers a larger collection of crypto news platforms, it also gives firms a chance to make big savings with its limited time discount. Bitcoin PR Buzz is currently offering a massive USD 1000 discount on the package which is valid till the end of the year (31st December, 2019). 

With the Platinum Executive package, blockchain firms get access to press release distribution on more than 40 crypto news websites and guaranteed publications of featured articles on CoinTelegraph, Hackernoon, News BTC and many others.

Free Consultations and Localization

Bitcoin PR Buzz is a true believer of the blockchain revolution and its dedication to the cause is clear with its Free Consultation service. For blockchain and crypto firms which require an insight into how best can they create or modify their marketing services to maximize their potential, Bitcoin PR Buzz offers free consultations. This limited time offer comes with no charges and absolutely no strings attached.

The consultation is done with a blockchain marketing expert and offers a holistic marketing advice and competitive advantage analysis along with SWOT.

COO of Bitcoin PR Buzz, Alex Thurston, commented,

I am so excited for our clients, because we have an offering which truly aligns with our core goal of giving the world’s most exciting blockchain projects the 5-star coverage they need and deserve.”

Bitcoin PR Buzz also covers the Latin American and Middle East market with Spanish and Arabic translated articles. It also offers PR publications on more than 150 mainstream websites such as Yahoo Finance, NBC, Fox and many others.

About Bitcoin PR Buzz

With over 1000 satisfied clients in a little over 7 years, Bitcoin PR Buzz is the oldest blockchain PR agency. It has worked with a few of the biggest names in the blockchain sector, such as ARK, LUX, UTRUST and LISK.

Armed with a team of dedicated native English content experts, the team has one of the shortest turnaround times in creating attractive and professional content that best captures what firms have to offer to users and backers.

For more information on the world’s first blockchain dedicated PR agency, visit its website here. To get press releases published, contact a dedicated account manager through email: [email protected]

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