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XRP lawsuit outcome prediction – Avorak AI forecasts bullish 2023

The ongoing SEC-XRP lawsuit between Ripple Labs and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) dominates discussions within the cryptocurrency community. Consequently, the presumed outcome is a hot topic for speculation. Some believe it could reverberate across the industry, but Avorak AI predicts that the XRP lawsuit outcome will result in a bullish trend for XRP in 2023. 

What Is XRP?

XRP is a cryptocurrency powering the Ripple Network and managed by Ripple Labs, a blockchain-based payment protocol. XRP is a digital asset that powers fast and efficient transactions on the Ripple network. XRP strives to bridge cross-border transactions, enabling users to send any currency and convert it to the destination currency using XRP. XRP posts high TPS, provides stability in currency circulation, and facilitates real-world use cases of blockchain technology.

SEC XRP Lawsuit

In December 2020, SEC entered the cryptocurrency space by filing a lawsuit against Ripple Labs, about the XRP token’s identity, whether a crypto or falls under securities. If it is a security, the SEC will hold Ripple Labs liable for violating federal securities laws by not registering this security.

If it is not a security. Ripple Labs will successfully utilize XRP as a crypto. The outcome could be a game-changer for the cryptocurrency industry and may either lead to control or regulation. 

Avorak AI: The XRP Prediction

Avorak AI utilizes sophisticated AI algorithms to analyze market trends, historical data, and other relevant factors likely to affect asset value. Avorak AI’s forecast brings hope to XRP investors affected by the lawsuit and whose investments stagnate since many exchanges delisted XRP following the lawsuit. A bullish trend in 2023 would mean an improvement in the value of XRP, potentially providing a positive outcome for investors currently holding XRP.

Avorak AI is running a successful ICO currently in phase six, with AVRK’s value increasing by 291.67% to $0.235. ICO holders earn on-top bonuses with the assurance of priority staking, Phase six will last from May 10 to May 30, and AVRK will rise 17x and launch at $1. Excitement about the project is rife on YouTube as Jacob Crypto Bury describes Avorak AI’s roadmap.

In addition to its predictive capabilities, Avorak AI generates nonrepetitive and plagiarism-free text and images through its easy-to-use Avorak Write. Moreover, users can key in and get any writing style, whether modern or Shakespearean among many.

How to Buy XRP?

ByBit, KuCoin, and Binance are some of the exchanges that support XRP purchases. Investors are advised to choose a trusted exchange by researching and, then opening an account. Prospective XRP investors must provide KYC documents, including ID and proof of address, then fund their newly opened accounts. Funding can be through bank transfer, PayPal, credit cards, or other supported payment methods. When funded, users can start placing orders for the desired quantities.


Avorak AI’s bullish XRP lawsuit aftermath is promising for investors negatively impacted by the lawsuit and subsequent delistings. The prediction highlights the potential impact of AI on the cryptocurrency market and underscores the importance of utilizing such advanced technology in predicting market trends and making informed investment decisions.

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