NulLTX XRP price Bullrun

XRP Price Heads to $0.4 as Bulls Finally Retake Control

As all major cryptocurrencies and digital asset are on the rise right now, one has to wonder how things will move ahead. In the case of XRP, its current uptrend is in line with Bitcoin and Ethereum. The only downside is how there is no gain in BTC value, something that can quickly become a problem for most currencies that are not Bitcoin.

XRP Price Keeps on Going

While some people will gladly argue a major market correction in the upward direction was a matter of time, there are always many factors influencing such developments. There is never a guarantee any currency or asset will follow the overall market trend. Bitcoin Cash SV is a good example in this regard, as it is either being suppressed or simply having an adverse trend right now.

In the case of XRP, however, things are improving gradually. Its value has risen by just over 13% in the past few hours, which puts it on par with Bitcoin. However, the XRP price is not rising due to an increase in the BTC ratio, as the asset lost 1.2% in this department. That is somewhat surprising, albeit not necessarily something to be concerned about.

As is usually the case, this current XRP price increase has a lot of people on social media excited. Everyone wants to see the markets rebound sooner rather than later. As Juman points out, the overall market cap of XRP is quite impressive, especially when compared tot he total market cap. It is evident interesting things are bound to happen in this regard, assuming this trend remains in place.

No one can deny the current price charts for Bitcoin, XRP, and Ethereum look virtually identical. They both dipped the same, rose the same, dipped again, and are now turning bullish in quick succession. A very interesting trend which further shows how everything is linked to Bitcoin in one way or another. Whether or not that is a good sign for XR, is a different matter altogether.

There is also an interesting YouTube video making the rounds which talks about Ripple and XRP. Although it is not something officially released by the company or its representatives, this further shows the XRP community should not be underestimated in the slightest. Spreading the word can be done in many different ways, and efforts like these are as good as any.

The main question is whether or not this current market trend can remain in place. If that is the case, the momentum may dry up pretty quickly, though, as the early gains are always easier to achieve more than anything else. As such, one has to wonder what the future will hold and how it will affect the XRP price. For now, a push to $0.4 may be very likely.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.


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