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XRP Price Maintains the Status Quo as Market Remains Undecisive

As this Friday afternoon slowly transitions into Friday evening, all eyes will be on the top cryptocurrency markets once again. Up until an hour ago, it seemed as if most markets would turn bullish. Right now, some of that momentum has been eroded once again. None of the top markets look incredibly good right now, as even the XRP price suffers from uncertainty.

The XRP Price Trend Still Looks Bleak

It is evident the current top crypto market momentum doesn’t offer much excitement. With all of the top projects either at a status quo or noting minor gains, the expected bull run fails to materialize so far. Even XRP isn’t showing any signs of either positive or negative pressure, which makes traders rather twitchy. As the weekend looms ahead, the coming 72 hours may prove rather crucial for this market.

To put the current momentum in its proper perspective, the XRP price gained 0.2% in USD value and 0.1% in BTC value. As such, one XRP is valued at $0.313, or 7,775 Satoshi. This latter ratio struggles to improve, by the look of things, as a return to 8,000 Satoshi or more will seemingly not happen anytime soon.

Some traders are getting fed up with the way some XRP community members respond to everything which might put this project in a negative spotlight. Even a bearish technical analysis is not welcome by any means, even if it seemed to be somewhat accurate at that time. A bit of a troublesome development, although it is nothing to lose sleep over either.

In more positive news, it would appear some users still expect major growth for Ripple and XRP in the first half of 2019. Although the date proposed by ELITES is probably an April Fool’s joke reference, one never knows what RIpple might have in store. For now, nothing has been officially announced for April 1st, albeit only time will tell if it is a date to take note of.


There is also some potential concern over Western Union’s relationship with Ripple. As the company is seemingly interested in Stellar – via Thunes – it remains to be seen what will come of these developments. It is always good to trial competing solutions, although it appears the “deal” with Ripple was pretty much in the bag. For now, it has zero impact on the XRP value, although that situation could always change.


All signs seem to indicate the overall status quo will remain in place for the remainder of the day. Unless Bitcoin were to turn mega bearish or bullish over the weekend, XRP’s value will not necessarily undergo any real changes. That is not necessarily a bad thing, although it will leave some holders and traders unhappy.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.

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