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XRP Price Remains Bearish Despite Corda and Finastra News

When looking at the overall market trend for cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets, interesting things become apparent. It is evident the XRP price is not in the best of places, even though that doesn’t have to yield any negative repercussion in the short term. Some key developments behind the scenes can easily push the value of this asset higher in the coming months and years.

What Comes Next for the XRP Price?

Although a lot of people have high hopes for XRP, the current market trend doesn’t warrant too much optimism. Even though this asset couldn’t be further removed from Bitcoin in terms of strategy and appeal, it seems to mimic its price movements quite well these days. That is not necessarily the trend holders want to see, yet one has to acknowledge there are a lot of interesting similarities between the two.

Over the past 24 hours, the XRP price has suffered from another wave of losses. This will not come as a major shock to speculators and enthusiasts alike. A net 1.5% loss in USD value and a 0.13% loss over Bitcoin bring the value to $0.3149 or 8,847 Satoshi respectively. Neither level is extremely worrisome as of right now, but these declines cannot continue indefinitely.

The big news this week is how XRP is continually gaining more traction in the financial sector. As confirmed by one R3-related Twitter account, their Corda Settler app uses the XRP Ledger as a payment rail. This is a very important development which can unlock a lot of new use cases in the near future. One also has to acknowledge this news is unlikely to affect the XRP value in any significant manner.

Community members remain hopeful things will only get better for XRP from here on out. Interestingly enough, some new evidence may be showing up as to how Finastra is allegedly one of the indirect partners of RIpple and R3. As such, this news can also have XRP repercussions, although again nothing that should trigger any major price shifts in the near future.

ESFXRobo XRP_HODL is confident he coming 3 years will be bullish for Ripple’s asset and potentially all cryptocurrencies. While reaching mass adoption may prove to be a bridge too far in many different ways, it is due time something changes for the better. As such, there will undoubtedly be very intriguing developments in the years to come. Paving the way for mass adoption will not be easy, though.

When looking at all of these developments and expectations, it seems unlikely the value of XRP can be kept down for much longer. However, there is always a chance the entire year 2019 will be a repeat of the final 9 months of 2018. One simply cannot accurately predict these markets and their future behavior. For XRP, a lot of puzzle pieces fall into place, yet the value isn’t budging just yet.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.


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