XRP Surpasses Ethereum in Daily Transaction Value

Looking at the overall transaction value of different cryptocurrencies, interesting trends become apparent. It would appear that XRP has successfully overtaken ethereum in this department, at least temporarily. 

The overall adjusted value of transactions on both networks is relatively high. 

XRP Beats Ethereum, for a Change

Virtually every day, ethereum beats XRP hands down in this department.

Since the start of January 2020, a shift has become apparent.

While ethereum still has plenty of transaction value, XRP is surpassing it.

On the first day of the new year, the situation was still normal.

Ethereum noted over $80.4 million in transaction value, compared to $20.34 million for XRP. 

Yesterday, however, things began looking very different all of a sudden.

XRP hit over $214.39 million in daily transaction value.

It is the first time such a high value has been reached, indicating something is happening.

This may have to do with the escrowed funds unlocking from its contract. 

Ethereum notes $137.267 million in transaction value on the same day.

With this “Flippening” apparent, one has to wonder if it is a one-time event.

Chances are very real that will indeed be the case, albeit it is too early to say for sure. 

Regardless of that, is certainly creates a very interesting scenario to discuss among both communities. 

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