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XRP Whale Transfers 60 Million Coins Amid Ripple Dumping Rumors; BNB Price Surges

Ripple, one of the biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap, is again in turmoil. News of an XRP whale transferring 60 million XRP coins to crypto exchanges provoked a round of volatile speculations.

One of those cryptos to see a surge is the BNB price, with the second-largest altcoin by market cap surging in the past month ahead of further bullish predictions for the rest of this year.

Here’s why the XRP whale has set pulses racing across the crypto trading community.

XRP Whale coin dump prompts price flux

This latest dump of Ripple coins by the renowned XRP whale, …Rzn, has seen almost 30 million tokens transferred to Bitstamp and another 30 million to Bitso. These transactions have prompted global attention, and speculation of Ripple dumping across the market is gaining momentum.

So, what’s the actual impact on the XRP price? The 5th largest altcoin by market cap at the time of writing, XRP had dipped 3.5% over the past week to $0.5014. This rebound from $0.4898 on 13th May, when the worst impact of the XRP whale coin dump was felt, is symptomatic of Ripple’s volatile performance, with overall sentiment pointing downwards.

BNB price surges marking bullish sentiment

In contrast to the episode of the XRP whale, the BNB price has turned green amid news of Binance taking steps to track down ZKasino, another renowned crypto scammer.

After ZKasino scammed an Ethereum smart contract out of almost 11k ETH, Binance collaborated with European law enforcement agencies to track down the scammer and help resolve the security fiasco.

As a result, the BNB price surged compared to the broader market, growing by 3% overnight. This showed that despite cryptocurrency’s anonymous nature, scammers could be tracked down. While scamming may not pay, investing in top-trending cryptos, such as BNB, can turn profits for investors even during market downturns.

Raboo: Not just a meme coin; a crypto revolutionary

While the XRP whale prompts additional volatility for Ripple investors, and the BNB price surges in response to its discovery of ZKasino, Raboo is bringing a brand-new upstart meme coin to the market with its fast-selling crypto presale.

Not just a meme coin, Raboo is marking a paradigm shift in this fast-growing crypto sector thanks to its unique fusion of AI technology and Social-Fi, which marks it out as a crypto innovator. At the heart of Raboo’s unique value proposition is its proprietary Rabooscan tool, which allows users to create new memes with the assistance of AI technology.

Meanwhile, Raboo’s crypto presale continues to fly off the shelves at breakneck speed. After launching at $0.003 per token, coins are now available at $0.0042 with over $1 million already raised. Analysts predicting the impact of the public release of the RABT token believe the coin could 100x this year.


While the Ripple price fluctuates following the XRP whale token transfer and the BNB price continues to rise amid market uncertainty, Raboo has launched its new crypto presale before its public release. Its unique combination of AI and Social-Fi mechanics allows users to monetize their content while profiting from investing in this year’s best crypto presale opportunity.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.



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