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XTZ Refreshes Decade Old Roadmap, As 100x Raboo Sets To Replace LINK On Binance

Tezos (XTZ) announced that it launched a significant upgrade of its original plan in 2010, offering new prospects to the strategic plan. On the other hand, Chainlink (LINK), famous in the blockchain industry, has declined relatively recently and needs to perform better to maintain its market rank.

Raboo, a relatively new crypto, is set to replace LINK on the Binance exchange in an exciting turn of events. This transition marks a pivotal moment for all involved. Read on as we analyse these developments and uncover the future for XTZ, LINK, and the rising star, Raboo.

XTZ refreshes decade-old roadmap 

The Tezos blockchain is setting a tall goal with its latest strategic plan: to introduce a new Ultra High Throughput (UHT) rollup to boost transaction speed and scalability. XTZ is not just updating to match the technologies out there; it is a result of the market dynamic where speed and scalability are paramount. The introduction of the UHT rollup is set to enable Tezos (XTZ) to handle up to one million transactions per second. 

This shift in their focus and strategy is quite deliberate, especially given that Tezos is a blockchain platform that has to remain relevant in the market. Eliminating inefficiencies related to transaction rates and system interoperability is one of Tezos’ main objectives. The transition to a larger and more capable network envisions Tezos (XTZ) at the helm of blockchain advancement.

LINK’s recent market decline and challenges 

Chainlink (LINK) has been navigating a rough patch in the cryptocurrency market, marked by a noticeable downturn in its performance. Its 20.11% decline in the last 30 days can be attributed to a combination of market competition and internal challenges, notably the aggressive selling of LINK tokens by the Chainlink team. This selling strategy, aimed at funding ecosystem growth, has exerted downward pressure on the token’s price, making it difficult for LINK to achieve its full potential​​​​​​.

Amid the noticeable downturn, Raboo is set to take a significant position on the Binance exchange, potentially replacing LINK. This move could be a turning point for Raboo as it leverages its impressive presale success and the buzz around its market entry to capture interest from investors looking for fresh opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets. As LINK grapples with its challenges, introducing Raboo on a significant platform like Binance highlights a shift in market dynamics, where new entrants like Raboo are poised to capitalize on the gaps left by established tokens. 

Raboo rising to replace LINK

Raboo has significantly impacted its presale stages, quickly rising as a potential market disruptor in the cryptocurrency scene. Now in Stage 4, priced at $0.0048, Raboo has seen a 60% increase in value since its initial offering, demonstrating robust investor confidence and market demand. This growth is supported by over 10,000 registered users and 2,900 token holders who collectively raised over $1.8 million, underscoring strong community backing and substantial financial endorsement.

Analysts are buzzing about Raboo’s potential, predicting a 100x increase in its value post-launch, which reflects growing excitement around its market prospects and technological promise. This enthusiasm is poised to elevate Raboo’s position on the Binance exchange, signaling its readiness to replace LINK. Such strategic placement amplifies Raboo’s visibility and integrates it into the broader crypto trading ecosystem, potentially attracting even more investors and solidifying its status as a notable player in the competitive cryptocurrency market.


Significant shifts are shaping the crypto landscape. Tezos (XTZ) has rejuvenated its approach with an updated roadmap, aiming for higher throughput and better scalability. Meanwhile, Chainlink (LINK) faces hurdles, with its market position challenged by performance issues. On the horizon, Raboo emerges with a strong presale showing and analyst predictions suggesting a 100x growth potential, positioning it as a strong contender on Binance. Raboo offers a fresh opportunity for savvy investors, underlined by its strategic positioning and promising technological innovations. Invest in Raboo today. 

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