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3 key Observations Regarding the Current State of EOS dApps

Many people in the cryptocurrency industry have high expectations for dApps. While these applications might someday gain a mainstream appeal, that is far from the case at this time. A new report by Anchain.ai confirms there are some interesting statistics regarding the current state of EOS dApps. Not all of these findings are promising, however.

dApps Note Some bot Activity

It is rather interesting to note who uses dApps these days. While most individual users are genuine, the report confirms there is a notable influx of bot-based activity. This has not necessarily been a real problem, but it does skew the overall transaction volume for these applications, as well as their number of active users. It is also possible competing developers are trying to beef up their numbers in an effort to attract more people.

The bigger question is how this particular situation will evolve in the years to come. Although it seems unlikely bot activity will go away completely, it does create a bit of an uneasy situation. As far as dApp rankings are concerned, bots can genuinely create a landscape which is far from correct. As such, distinguishing between real users and bots is something well worth keeping an eye on moving forward.

EOS Continues to Grow Across the Board

Whereas most of the current dApps reside in either EOS, Tron, or Ethereum, it is quite evident EOS is the “king of the hill” in 2019. It notes the highest weekly transaction volume, most users, and it seems a lot more applications are coming to this blockchain. Unlike Ethereum, EOS does not suffer from major scaling concerns as of yet.

This does raise a few interesting questions across the board. First of all, one has to wonder how things will look after Ethereum introduces its multiple scaling solutions. Secondly, if most of these applications flock to EOS, there will not necessarily be a competitive industry in the future. As such, the coming years could prove rather crucial for this industry.

Gambling Remains the Biggest Category

dApp Statistics can often be categorized in many different ways. As far as the EOS ecosystem is concerned, gambling applications remain the most common type of offering. That is not entirely surprising, as these are easier to build apps which are always popular among cryptocurrency users. With over 65% of the current applications falling into the gambling category, it is evident some further diversification may be more than necessary.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the EOS gambling dApps are the only ones worth keeping an eye on. It seems the marketplace-oriented applications are all doing quite well in their own regard, as they seem to generate more than decent overall EOS volumes these days. A very interesting situation worth keeping tabs on, as these rankings may see some notable shifts in the coming months.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency or digital currency

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