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Top 6 EOS dApps – 2018 Week 41 Edition

It would appear things are heating up in the world of EOS dApps. In fact, the dApp ecosystem of this project appears to be vastly more popular than Ethereum’s primarily because of the gambling solutions being in high demand right now. The following six EOS applications provided to be the most popular over the past week based on their total volume.


Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts will agree decentralized exchanges are the way forward. Numerous dApps explore this opportunity, yet very few of the can generate sufficient liquidity. In the case of DEXEOS, it would appear things are looking very promising right now. Thanks to 486k EOS in weekly volume, a lot of trading is taking place through this dApp. A positive sign, although the competition isn’t sitting by idly either.

#5 Chintai

One peculiar trend among dApps is how new offerings tend to generate a lot of initial hype and traction. Chintai, the high-performance, fee-less community owned token leasing platform, has seen significant success during its first few days. A weekly volume of 977.34k EOS shows this particular concept has a lot of merit, at least for the time being.

#4 Newdex

As said before, competition among decentralized exchanges is heating up in a significant manner. Newdex is one of the exchanges capable of rivaling the likes of DEXEOS and SouthEX, among others. Over the past week, Newdex successfully generated 1.28m EOS in volume, which is a pretty significant number.

#3 EOSPlay Lottery & Dice

No one should be surprised to see gambling dApps claim all three top spots in the industry as of right now. EOSPlay Lottery & Dice offers what the name suggests, and it has been quite popular among EOS users for some time now. The past seven days resulted in 1.352m EOS worth of transactions, further confirming gambling remains incredibly popular among EOS users.

#2 EOSBet

Perhaps the best-known EOS dApp, EOSBet is still doing an impressive job by remaining relevant despite the growing competition in the gambling department. During the past seven days, EOSBet has seen 4.96m EOS worth of volume, which is a very impressive figure. It also shows users remain very loyal to this dApp, as it continues to rank high in the charts for weeks on end now.

#1 BetDice

Perhaps the biggest surprise this week is how EOSBet is not in the top spot for the past week. BetDice has successfully trumped the competition by generating a significant amount of volume in just seven days. With 5.73m worth of EOS in volume, this dApp is by far the market leader right now. It also shows the top three gambling dApps generate a lot more volume than all of the other EOS dApps combined.


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