3 Reasons Why Investors Should Keep An Eye on Aenco, A Financial Solutions Ecosystem for HealthTech

Investors have to keep their head on a swivel all the time nowadays. Innovative and disruptive technologiesare finding their way into a variety of new industries and nobody wants to miss the next Facebook, AirBnB, or Google to invest in.

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Because of that, investors need to keep a careful eye on all sectors of the economy, not just tech startups and app development. Aenco (https://www.aencoin.com), a new blockchain-based startup, is developing a new multi-dimensional blockchain fuelled by its AEN token to cater for a diverse number of business sectors to build customisable blockchain applications, in particular, breaking into two emerging industries (amongst many others): medical technology and financial solutions. Aenco has a close focus on real life business and research applications and is already planning the launch of a number of follow on projects to drive its adoption in the market.

Here are 3 reasons investors should keep a close eye on this latest startup.

1. Industry Ripe for Disruption

The healthcare technology industry alone is estimated to be a roughly $400 billion industry globally per year. With a market of that size, many innovators in the healthcare sector are catching up in their pursuit of using blockchain applications to support their business lines growth and enterprise value. This is evident from the emerging medical data based blockchain companies coming onto the market since 2017.

Unlike other tech-related industries that have undergone major disruptions in recent years, the healthcare and medical technology industry has remained largely untouched. The sharing economy and crowdfunding have taken over other areas of the economy (think Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Uber, Lyft, AirBnB, etc.) but the healthcare and medical technology industry is now becoming increasingly active in using blockchain.

For the time being, this massive industry is mainly centered out of the United States and Western Europe. However, the industry is looking to leaders in emerging markets that are likely to take on a larger role in the future, especially from Asia.

The Asian market is growing so much that McKinsey & Company projects that Asia will move to be the second largest medical technology market in the world by 2022. With all the capital in the healthcare technology field and future growth of the industry, this is one are that investors need to watch for innovators and disruptors. At this point, it’s only a matter of time.

Aenco intends to tap into the market by bring together many deep-techaspects of the healthcare and medical technology sector onto its blockchain. According to Aenco spokesperson, they are working on a number of projects (which will soon be announced by the company in further detail) including the exchange of research data via their blockchain to disrupt the research market and also working on a (Aenco) blockchain driven drug development platform with a major pharmaceutical company for example. Each of these projects has already signed up to using Aenco Blockchain to power their underlying transactions, as well as launching their respective token offerings on the Aenco solutions platform.

2. One Stop Shop

If there’s one thing retailers and other businesses can learn from the ongoing retail war between Amazon and Wal Mart, it’s that many of the most successful businesses offer everything in one place.

Amazon has been focusing on introducing food to compete with the retail powerhouse and Wal Mart has been responding with tactics of their own. Both companies continue to offer more products and services in one place because the model has proven to work well: make the user experience easier and streamline it.

Though not in the traditional retail sense, Aenco is focusing on streamlining more complicated industries by bringing them together under one end-to-end umbrella.

Support by its blockchain, Aenco is also developing a number of financial applications: smart wallet (AEN Connect), ICO launcher platform, crypto exchange (AENX), collateralised crypto-lending platform (Prime) and OTC product generation platform (SmartCap), over the course of 2018 – 2019. The suite of blockchain applications will fully support a wide range of industries, in particular, delivering a number of high-impact healthtech projects sponsored by Aenco.

In this respect, Aenco will shortly be announcing its collaboration with a healthcare real estate fund to construct healthcare and life science incubators across North America to facilitate research collaboration and intellectual property exchange.

3. Blockchain Technology

Speaking of disruptions, blockchain technology has easily been one of the most talked about technological innovations across various industries recently. Robert D. Boroujerdi, an analyst with Goldman Sachs has described blockchain as one of the most disruptive technologies, saying:

[Blockchain] has the potential to redefine transactions and the back office of a multitude of different industries. From banking and payments to notaries to voting systems to vehicle registrations to wire fees to gun checks to academic records to trade settlement to cataloguing ownership of works of art, a distributed shared ledger has the potential to make interactions quicker, less-expensive and safer.”

With companies of every size looking to roll out new, innovative solutions for problems with blockchain technology, this is another reason to watch out for Aenco.

Aenco’s blockchain will support a new consensus algorithm to allow public mining on a permissioned chain, whilst maintaining industry competitive transaction speeds. It also plans to tackle “data clogging” issues that plagued a number of existing major blockchain platforms through novel algorithms. Aenco blockchain will also support API gateways that allow businesses to build customisable applications and side-chains to support their goals.

Additionally, in being supported by its own blockchain, the ecosystem will be able to drive different kinds of applications in the future across the industry. Blockchain is already being implemented for solutions in supply chain management and secure data storage —these solutions can now be expanded to include the financing of emerging technologies (such as healthtech) and the way in which these companies develop their business ecosystems.

The Takeaway

Aenco has positioned itself uniquely with its multi-dimensional approach supported by its core expertise, investors should keep a close eye on this opportunity.

By strategically placing itself at the corner of two major industries ripe for disruption—financial technology (fintech) and healthcare technology (healthtech)—Aenco is in a good position tousher in the next generation of ‘new economy.’

About Aenco

AENCO is an emerging blockchain company, focusing on blockchain application development, with a sub-sector focus in financial solutions industry and healthcare technology industry. Aenco blockchain will bring together an end-to-end platform housing its IB, smartcap, prime solutions and blockchain application capabilities. The company targets to create an exciting environment and growth story through the disruption of traditional economic markets and complete integration across healthcare technologies with blockchain, digital finance and research collaboration models.


Website: https://www.Aencoin.com

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