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48,000 Users to Test New Ethereum Express Pilot Projects

Two new pilot projects are set to be launched by the Ethereum Express (EEX) project operating on the Proof-of-Authority algorithm. Over 48,000 users from US, Japan, Ukraine, Brazil, and other countries are set to be encompassed by the undertaking of community-operated EEX that seeks to introduce drastic efficiency changes in the internal processes of both pilot projects.

According to a press release, Ethereum Express, a community-driven project, has already demonstrated the capabilities of its network that have outstripped Ethereum’s performance of 15 TPS during tests with values of 1,000 transactions per block and network capacity of over 200 transactions per second.

The first of the two pilot projects is Mining Express – the fifth largest mining company on the market. Seeking scaling and higher efficiency of its technical infrastructure, the company turned to Ethereum Express. The company believes that the solutions offered by EEX will allow its systems to cater to the growing user base, while granting its technical facilities as a testbed to Ethereum Express’ blockchain for technical testing, experimentation and evaluation.

The second pilot project is said to be a well-known gambling company that has turned to Ethereum Express for introducing blockchain solutions and increasing the transparency of its operations. The estimated value of both pilot projects stands at around $500 million.

The successful integration of the Ethereum Express’ blockchain in both businesses will allow the company to ensure higher efficiency and quality of operations, as well as provide its users with the chance of generating passive income.

Apart from aiding companies with integrating blockchain solutions for business scaling, the Ethereum Express is also introducing new real-life applications for its own coin. The EEX coin is intended for use as a means of settlements bridging the gambling and mining industries. Other applications foreseen for the EEX coin include use as a global backup currency that will see its adoption in a variety of business scenarios and environments.

“The launch of these two pilot projects with our first clients is an important step for the development of not only the EEX project and its coin, but also for the blockchain environment as a whole. The introduction of improvements to the Ethereum blockchain’s network is a vital undertaking that has to be crowned with success if this promising market is to grow and scale in accordance with the demands of real businesses, not just separate users,” as stated by Vlad Miller, CEO of Ethereum Express.

The successful introduction of the EEX blockchain in both pilot projects and the successful testing of the technical hypotheses will allow Ethereum Express to establish itself on the market and attract a host of potential partners for expanding into the real business sector.

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