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5 Popular Blockchain Games Worth Checking out This Week

Blockchain games have become a genuine hit in the cryptocurrency world. Players can choose from many different offerings in the hopes of having fun and perhaps earning some rewards. Based on statistics by SateotheDapps, it seems the following five blockchain games successfully attract a lot of users. That in itself shows this industry should not be overlooked by anyone. 

EOS Dynasty 

Although the EOS Dynasty is losing one spot in the overall blockchain games rankings on the website, its number of users in the past 24 hours is rising. With just under 2,000 active players in a day, it is safe to say this RPG and PvP game is checking a lot of the right boxes. Under the hood, it is a very immersive game running on the EOS blockchain. Users can earn native TKT tokens to participate in dividends or even trade assets in the marketplace to earn EOS.

My Crypto Heroes

One of the most popular blockchain games to date comes in the form of My Crypto Heroes. It is a hero worker-placement RPG, which boasts just over 2,000 users in the past 24 hours. It is also one of the few games accessible on mobile, which is certainly a selling point. Unlike the game above, this one is running on the Ethereum blockchain. Competition between different blockchains is never a bad thing.

EOS Knights

Fantasy games always tend to attract a large following. Whether it is the traditional kind or a blockchain game, users will flock to it regardless. EOS Knights had over 2,400 active players in the past 24 hours, which is rather impressive. This is another game running on the EOS blockchain and compatible with mobile devices. 

Steem Monsters

Although many people had high hopes for blockchain collectibles, things have worked out very differently in recent years. Luckily, some games are still popular, as can be seen in the case of Steem Monsters. This collectible trading card game welcomed 2,716 players in the past day. They seem to enjoy this multiplayer card game, as assets can be sold or traded on the blockchain. For a Steem dApp, this appears to be one of the most successful offerings to date. 


One wouldn’t necessarily expect a multiplayer online real-time economic strategy game to be very successful. Prospectors proves everyone wrong in this regard, as it served over 3,000 active players today. Although the dApp has seen a dropoff in terms of EOS volume, people still seem to enjoy the strategy game today. Another one of those blockchain games running on EOS which seems to captivate an audience. 


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