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6 Decently Valued Airdrops to Check Out – 2018 Week 47 Edition

As all cryptocurrencies continue to lose value at a rather quick pace, it becomes all the more important to look for ways to score a quick profit. Airdrops, while often overlooked, play a critical role in this regard. There is some good money to be made with Airdrops, especially when considering how very little effort is involved in the process.


The Liquid project aims to build a unified trading platform to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and fiat currency. To celebrate this major development, the team is airdropping $18 worth of QASH tokens to everyone who signs up on their website and completes a KYC procedure. Completing a few tasks on social media and referring users will yield additional tokens, which is also an option worth checking out.


The BitValve project focuses on building an advanced peer-to-peer crypto exchange platform. As part of its airdrop, the team is giving away 20,00 BTV tokens. Users need to complete the airdrop form and complete some tasks on Telegram and Bitcointalk. The estimated value of these tokens is a bit unclear, although they will be sold at a price of $0.2 each during the initial coin offering.


The VeganNation team looks to build a global community for vegans by using blockchain technology in many different ways. An airdrop to promote this project is taking place. Users will receive 60 VCN tokens for completing the airdrop form, performing tasks on social media, and referring users. It is expected these 60 tokens have a value of $30, which makes it one of the more lucrative airdrops right now.


When it comes to decentralizing funding for startups, Dsion believes they can do a better job than any other project available right now. Their airdrop will reward users with up to 100 DNS tokens for filling in the airdrop form and completing a few small tasks It is expected these tokes are valued at just $4, although that value may continue to shift around a bit over the coming weeks.


Decentralized crypto asset trading platforms are very hot right now, and ThorSwap wants to jump on this bandwagon over the coming months. The team is offering a major airdrop which rewards users with 500 THT tokens for filling in the airdrop form and confirming their email address. These tokens have no official value at this time, thus it remains a bit unclear whether or not this airdrop is worthwhile to everyone.


Mobile applications are slowly becoming a lot more popular in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Sparkle wants to help users locate professional local automotive dealers using blockchain technology. The team is airdropping 29 SPRKL tokens to everyone participating in this event. Users need to fill in the airdrop form and complete a few small tasks. In exchange, they will receive roughly $10 worth of tokens, which is still good money for no real effort involved.


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