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American Startups get Flagged for Issuing Coronavirus Self-Testing Kits Without Approval

As the coronavirus crisis continues to wreak havoc globally, demand for additional testing kits increases. Several startups are actively looking to provide at-home testing kits, although the products remain controversial.

One has to commend every individual and company looking to contribute to COVID-19 testing.

Self-Testing for the Coronavirus Isn’t Possible yet

However, these test kits need to be authorized and approved by government officials first.

Several American startups are finding that out the hard way.

Both companies, located in San Francisco, began issuing at-home coronavirus testing kits last week.

Within a few hours, the FDA issued a warning as to how these products are not authorized. 

As such, buying such testing kits is at one’s own risk.

That also means the results obtained may not necessarily be correct or conclusive.

A lot of consumers are scrambling to get tested for the coronavirus.

In some countries, that is much easier said than done.

For startups, it is crucial to play by the official guidelines and not jump the gun in any way.

Ignoring the rules will only create more backlash, for obvious reasons.

Self-swabbing test kits for the coronavirus are currently in development and should become available soon.

Until then, everyone has to wait patiently and maintain social distancing whenever possible. 

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