NullTX Novel Coronavirus Recap

Google Continues to ban Coronavirus ads for Face Masks

The coronavirus crisis is creating a lot of problems in many different ways. For technology firms such as Google, banning ads for face masks and hand sanitizers remains an ongoing struggle to this very day.

Over the past few weeks, Google has been banning coronavirus advertisements left, right, and center.

Coronavirus Ads Remain a Problem for Google

Anything pertaining to face masks is no longer allowed in the search engine.

Despite the company’s best efforts, the ads are still showing up.

More specifically, they are found on news articles pertaining to the coronavirus

That is not what the search engine giant had in mind all this time.

Removing millions of advertisements is seemingly not enough to address this situation. 

For now, Google will continue this approach, even though it will not come easy.

There will also be people purposefully looking to abuse and exploit and system.

That would help explain why these face mask advertisements continue to show up.

Preventing price gouging is not easy by any means, as it remains an ongoing process. 

For now, the culprits remain several steps ahead of the search engine giant.

However, it is a matter of time until that situation comes to change. 

For now, the coronavirus crisis appears to be far from over.

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