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An Artificial Intelligence Can’t be an Inventor, USPTO Claims

The potential of artificial intelligence is rather significant. However, the technology will never be credited with inventing devices, products, or services, according to the USPTO.

Research and development regarding artificial intelligence is still accelerating all over the world.

Artificial Intelligence has no Patent Filing Procedure

In fact, there has been at least one case where one could attribute the invention of new devices to AI research.

According to the USPTO, however, artificial intelligences can never be considered to be inventors.

Instead, that right solely belongs to human beings, which is a bit of an odd ruling.

More specifically, this pertains to filing patents for new inventions made possible with artificial intelligence.

DABUS, the AI system in question, has created a shape-shifting food container and an emergency flashlight.

Rather than attributing the patents to DABUS, a different solution needs to be found.

This situation came to be due to very vague US patent laws.

Those laws previously never claimed that machines could not be credited with inventions.

The ruling by the USPTO will meet some backlash, however.

If someone is educated on how to create things, and they invent something new, they should be allowed to file for a patent.

That should apply as much to humans as it does to AI systems, in theory.


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