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An Icy Decline For Avalanche and Dogecoin, Raboo Heats Up The Market With 60% Price Surge!

The Avalanche (AVAX) project has gradually declined for the past month, even while the top crypto coins stepped up to significant gains. Dogecoin (DOGE) is another one of the top altcoins passing through hard times, as its whales’ accumulation in the past week hasn’t led anywhere for the DOGE price.

While the top cryptos are desperately geared toward ROI, they come easily on Raboo ($RABT). The new meme project is bearing down on the top meme coins, after which it intends to seal its spot among the top altcoins.

Avalanche investors find profits elusive

The past month has been rather trying for AVAX traders. The token was productive in the first quarter, but Avalanche’s altcoin price since May has left a lot to be desired.

While Avalanche didn’t experience any significant downtrends, the AVAX token traded sideways for much of the month. Some analysts pin the lack of a decent bullish trend on the recent AVAX token unlock. About 9.5 million tokens were released into circulation, diluting the chances for a pump.

The market volatility aggravated the situation on Avalanche, as Ethereum’s ETF news pushed most of the top blockchains to the background. Now, AVAX is 3.2% down in the past month and 0.7% behind its weekly trading price.

Dogecoin also hit bearish in May

Dogecoin’s journey through May was more turbulent than Avalanche’s, as DOGE had bullish moments. But since there hasn’t been much interest in Dogecoin, the bullish waves soon fizzled out, leaving DOGE at its support levels.

The recent token accumulation by DOGE investors is the latest sign of any bullish sentiment on Dogecoin. While token accumulations announce bullish trends on most top crypto coins, Dogecoin is still stuck at $0.16. According to crypto analyst Ali Martin, the last time DOGE faced this level of bearish sentiment was in February, just before an upward trend.

If the pattern is to repeat, Dogecoin could enter $0.3 later this month. However, a lot more could swing Dogecoin otherwise, and many traders are watching what the Dogecoin whales have up their sleeves.

The Ripple CEO recently bashed Dogecoin for being all about speculation–Raboo has been taking notes from the meme coin’s failings.

Heating up the market? Raboo is setting up a wildfire already!

The Raboo project is launching as a catalyst for a meme war that might collapse the meme sector. All the better for the meme coin, as $RABT will be the last man (token) standing at the end of it all.

The meme coin sector has fallen off in the past decade, from creating tacky memes to creating no memes and, eventually, depending on social media speculations for gains. Meme coins are gradually being perceived as ‘useless,’ which is quite valid.

On the flip side, meme coins are supposed to be the center of fun and humour, as their memes ought to bring light-hearted fun to traders. Raboo will be stepping in to fill that gap now, armed with generative AI and support from its community.

Like-minded meme lovers are encouraged to converge on the Raboo ecosystem, as they will get value for their engagement here. Their social media posts will be curated for high-quality, relatable memes to be circulated daily among crypto traders. There’s nothing like doing what you enjoy, and while you’re aiding the creative meme process on Raboo, your $RABT stashes keep growing with rewards from the platform.

Before you start worrying, Raboo is keeping up with the times by adding audited smart contracts to its protocol. So, while you’re engaging in SocialFi, you can rest assured your funds are secured with smart contracts on an Ethereum network.


Meme coins have become the joke of the crypto-verse, but Raboo is changing that, too. In this case, real-world applications meet profits, and the users are the top gainers.

The Raboo presale is in Stage 4, and each token is sold for $0.0048. Get yours now and tap into the 233% presale ROI pool.

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