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DOG Momentum Continues But MATIC Investors Moving To Viral Memecoin Raboo For Profits

DOG (Runes) is establishing itself among the most sought-out meme coins as it continues to exhibit remarkable market strength. Meanwhile, investors who previously held Polygon (MATIC) are now selling and investing in Raboo ($RABT), a meme coin focused on AI and community building.

With over 8,000 meme enthusiasts registered on its platform already and over $1.6 million generated in its ongoing presale, investors continue expressing bullish sentiment about Raboo, as the next viral presale coin to yield remarkable profits this year.

From airdrop to almost a billion: DOG coin surges with community power

Launched during the Bitcoin halving event as part of a volunteer-organized airdrop, with no team allocation or presale, DOG (Runes) has continued to impress investors with significant growth potential, worthy of competing with other Dog-related meme coins. As a decentralized, community-driven meme coin, DOG aims to introduce millions of people to Bitcoin.

DOG’s  growth momentum reflects in the daily charts, in which Runes rallied by 317% within the last 30 days to trade at a current price of $0.009036. DOG’s market cap value also received a significant boost and is now edging towards $1 billion, making it one of the biggest meme coins on the Bitcoin network.

Polygon ZK tech buy fails to impress: MATIC down 4% despite acquisition

Recently, Polygon Labs, the company behind Polygon, acquired Toposware, a research and engineering firm specializing in zero-knowledge (ZK) technology. This acquisition underlines Polygon’s strong commitment to ZK rollups, a specific type of technology that aims to solve Ethereum’s scalability issues.

With such  technology advancement by Polygon it was expected that investors, especially those who value ZK technology, would be inspired to invest in MATIC, potentially driving its price upwards. Surprisingly it did not have the expected effect,  MATIC has increased by barely 1% over the thirty days, trading at its current price of $0.73. Due to this decline, investors now hold bearish sentiments for Polygon and are selling their MATIC holdings to invest in alternatives with higher profits potential.

100x gains? Raboo presale booms with AI, Social-Fi, and Zero fees

Raboo is the new presale token investors are flocking to while leaving Polygon in the dust. Investors find this meme coin very appealing because it aims to merge AI and Social-Fi elements into blockchain technology to transform the meme sector. Moreover, experts hint at the token’s potential of yielding incredible profits up to a whopping 100-fold for investors.

Unlike other altcoins that impose transaction fees, Raboo stands out with its zero-fee policy, ensuring that investors can maximize their returns without worrying about losing a portion of their profits to taxes. Raboo also offers investors an intriguing staking program which allows them to stake their $RABT tokens, so that they can earn rewards at attractive rates.

Looking ahead, Raboo has set its sights on lofty goals that promise to elevate it to the same level as meme coin giants like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. The platform’s roadmap includes exciting initiatives such as exclusive NFT launches, strategic exchange listings, and planned token burn events. These initiatives are designed to enhance the user experience, increase token value, and cement Raboo’s positioning as the future of the meme sector.

Interestingly, investors can participate in this intriguing opportunity and earn substantially by buying the presale coin at just $0.0048.


The momentum of meme coins like DOG continues to captivate investors, but a growing number of MATIC holders who witnessed Polygon’s technology advancement failing to impress are now shifting their focus to the presale token Raboo ($RABT).

With the presale token having raised over $1.6 million and a roadmap that promises to integrate AI and Social-Fi elements into the meme sector, Raboo keeps gaining popularity as an intriguing alternative for investors seeking the next viral cryptocurrency with the potential to yield remarkable profits, potentially outshining even the explosive growth of DOG.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here



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