An Interview With GeliosTrade, The Trading Platform Of Tomorrow

GeliosTrade is an Ireland-based independent brokerage firm. The firm focuses on CFD transactions. It is also an investment platform that deals with investments in the trading market. As of now, the firm has more than 1.5 million customers, and this number is increasing with each passing day.  Despite going live in March this year, the platform has scaled the ranks of the best brokerage firms quickly to become a favorite of many traders. 

Through this interview, Thomas Kowalski, Technical Director, shared interesting details about the company. Kowalski describes GeliosTrade as a unique platform that can bring entrepreneurs from many different fields together to maximize productivity. Accordingly, traders, investors, crypto enthusiasts and leaders of network structures can all work on the same platform and work towards success.

One of the key aspects highlighted by Kowalski is the negative balance protection feature that only GeliosTrade offers. As explained by himself:

Protection against negative balance is one of the degrees of protection we offer to our partners and their funds. But the maximum protection of partners’ funds is, of course, our trust management.

Kowalski also highlighted how GeliosTrade’s affiliate marketing program was also a great feature from which companies all around the globe could benefit from. As explained by the Technical Director, with the WHITE LABEL program, businesses can have their own customer database, providing GeliosTrade services under their own brand. This increases the popularity of their brand and everyone benefits more from this collaboration.

Another key aspect offered by this unique trading platform is the Trust Management, comprised of 72 teams of professional traders and analysts. Each team works in its sector, in which it specializes. According to Kowalski, the company conducts a qualitative analysis before making a decision, and for maximum interest in winning, they participate in each transaction with their own money. This means that in the total amount that is managed by each of the teams, about 10% is the money from the company.

Furthermore, the GeliosSelect program also offers the possibility for customers to rely on cash income. As stated by Kowalski:

The expected profit is changed and adjusted depending on the trends in the market situation as a whole. Additionally, we also plan to enter an IPO, where partners will already have the opportunity to purchase shares of our company and rely on the dividends depending on the volume of purchased shares.

Security is also a big deal for GeliosTrade, with the company spending millions of dollars a year to remain one of the safest platforms to trade. The platform also offers a 2-factor authentication process to further protect all accounts from unauthorized access.

Finally, when asked about the future plans for the company Kowalski said: 

We have ambitious plans for the future and I am glad that at the moment we are ahead of schedule. By the end of this year, we will prepare a complete and detailed plan for 2020, so that our partners know what awaits them in the future and what prospects this will open for them.

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