Apple Prefers Helping the FBI Over Properly Encrypting Customers’ Backups

In the technology industry, there are always interesting developments to take note of. Some time ago, Apple hinted at using encrypted backups for iPhones.

Those plans were ultimately scrapped, and it seems the reason for doing so is not what one may think.

Apple Wants to Play Nice With Everyone

As it turns out, the FBI was not a big fan of this option.

Dealing with encrypted information stored on iCloud would not give the agency the information it so often needs.

Apple has always been in favor of helping law enforcement, rather than opposing it.

Even so, its idea to offer encrypted device information options would have been a far better path to pursue. 

Over the years, it has become apparent that law enforcement agencies want to know everything.

They are especially interested in the information found on mobile devices of suspects. 

Some politicians have even proposed a solution to simply install backdoors on commercial electronics, including smartphones and tablets.

Those plans have been shot down, yet it seems that Apple will still offer a helping hand when needed.

In fact, Apple has made some unpopular headlines not that long ago.

The company handed over iCloud backups to the FBI in late 2019.

The company has never been forced to do so, yet  a bit of pressure by the US President was enough for the technology giant to give in.

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