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Square Cash Provides the Tools to Ensure Widespread use of the Lightning Network

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network needs to meet severe expectations. Making the technology more accessible to developers is one way of improving overall adoption. 

So far, the existing applications and use cases for the LN have been rather technical in nature.

Pushing Lightning Network Adoption Forward

Square Crypto aims to change that courtesy of its Lightning Development Kit.

This open source solution will allow developers to build new products and services powered by this technology.

Through this Lightning Network kit, developers can add LN capabilities to all existing wallet solutions.

Secondly, they can achieve multi-application access to a single wallet across different devices.

Last but not least, existing and new wallets can make a tradeoff in terms of privacy and security. 

It is now up to bitcoin wallet developers to make the most of this SDK.

As more services begin to integrate Lightning Network capabilities, the adoption of this technology will become more widespread.

It should help address a lot of the issues Bitcoin faces today.

This LDK is made possible with the help of developers include Blockstream, Acinq, Lightning Labs, and individual contributors around the globe. 

It is evident that many people want to see this layer succeed, and preferably sooner rather than later.


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