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Aptos (APT) and Near Protocol (NEAR) Succumb to Bearish Pressure, Investors Keep Buying Sparklo (SPRK)

Corrections are part of the normal cycle of every market, mostly following after a strong impulsive move. However, the current market corrections digital assets are experiencing are steeper than what many investors would have liked.

Aptos (APT) and Near Protocol (NEAR) were on the verge of a price breakout. However, the market correction has forced Aptos (APT) and Near Protocol to succumb to bearish pressure. Despite the market sentiment, Sparklo hasn’t been affected by the correction, with investors buying now more than before.

Aptos (APT) Wonders Deeper into Bear Territory

Leading layer 1 crypto Aptos (APT) which was built using key elements of the former Diem blockchain and Move, is no stranger to bearish pressure. Before the market correction, Aptos (APT) was already struggling to make gains.

The bear trouble for Aptos (APT) began last week after a $50 million token unlock. Now, Aptos (APT) seems to have wandered deeper into bear territory as the crypto market undergoes a huge correction.

Over the last 24 hours, the price of Aptos (APT) has plummeted by more than 10% making it one of the worst hit by the ongoing correction. Aptos (APT) now trades at $11.62 per token and would need a major bullish shit to retest the $12.5 level.

Near Protocol (NEAR) Fares Worse as Interest in AI Wanes

Near Protocol is a decentralized platform striving for scalable dApps infrastructure based on a community-run blockchain. The project enjoyed some stellar bull runs early this year as interest in artificial intelligence projects was piqued.

However, the interest has slowly been backpedaling to the detriment of Near Protocol (NEAR). That and the ongoing market correction have proven too much for Near Protocol (NEAR) to handle.

Over the last 24 hours, the price of Near Protocol (NEAR) has fallen by over 11%, making it one of the worst-performing cryptocurrencies today. NEAR now trades at $2.18, miles away from its all-time high of over $20. 

Investors Continue Amassing Sparklo

Despite the bearish pressure that has engulfed the crypto market, investors have continued to acquire Sparklo, the new project world’s first blockchain-based gold, silver, and platinum trading platform.

The Sparklo project will allow investors to buy gold, silver, and platinum in the form of fractionalized non-fungible tokens (NFT) backed by physical assets. These digital assets will be fractionalized so investors do not need to buy the entire bars of gold, silver, and platinum.

Sparklo is in stage one of its presale campaign and currently retails for $0.015 per token. As per the white paper of the project, 60% of Sparklo’s total supply will be issued through three different stages of pre-sale, making it a community-focused project. 

Sparklo has received a lot of attention from investors because it aims to break down barriers between retail investors and existing traditional metal investing platforms.





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