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Elizabeth White, CEO of the White Company, will be asking the hard hitting questions that you actually want answers to. White connects the world of global payments for consumers and merchants, providing real world solutions for the cryptocurrency community. In her new, weekly column Ask The Expert, White will ask your questions, as well as some of her own, to the most prominent figures and forces in the crypto community, offering readers all the insight and answers they desire.  

Calvin Ayre

Calvin Ayre has made a name for himself in a wide array of industries, including government, gambling, philanthropy and, most recently, Bitcoin Cash. The Canadian-Antiguan billionaire and entrepreneur is best known for founding the Ayre Grouplaunching Bodog entertainment company, owning and as Special Economic Envoy to the Government of Antigua. His varied and expansive career has lead to a great deal of intrigue and questions from the general public. Now you have the chance to voice these questions, with Ayre serving as the subject in this weekAsk the Expert.” 

Through his days as a self-branded billionaire-bad boy’ running Bodog, an online gambling site utilizing the reach and anonymity of the internet, Ayre garnered media attention and secured himself a place as a Forbes recognized Billionaire Bachelor.’ He has promoted the idealized image of a luxurious party boy and nothing is holding him back as we saw with the 1 year Anniversary of Bitcoin Cash Celebration: Bitcoin Rebirth.    

After facing charges of illegal gambling and money laundering and consequently ceasing activity through Bodog enterprises, Ayre resurfaced with the launch of, a news source for the gambling and entertainment industries. Ayre has publicly criticized the US Criminal Justice System for abusing the system for large corporations fiscal gain. Ayre went on to serve as an Economic Envoy, advising sovereign island states on the effective implementation of new technological developments in cryptocurrency and with Bitcoin Cash. An early investor in Bitcoin and vocal supporter of crypto, Ayre helped Antigua and Barbados to implement laws incorporating Bitcoin into the commonwealths national laws.

What will you ask Ayre about? His allocation of significant funds in support of a mining facility that dedicates its hashpower to the bitcoin cash blockchain only? His contributions to philanthropic causes through his foundation, such as environmental causes or education for the disadvantaged and animal welfare?

This enigmatic, bad-boy-billionaire, philanthropist, crypto-success story will be answering your questions so ask what you like for this fascinating figure in the comments section below or on Twitter @Thewcomp.


Ms. White is the CEO of The White Company and has worked with luxury brands around the world from the LVMH group to Formula 1 and McLaren Automotive for over 12 years. She is a “White Knight” in the crypto space focused on serving as an advocate for greater trust within the crypto community-at-large. She is also a member of The Global Legal Blockchain Consortium and a Money 20/20 Rise Up mentor. She is a graduate of NYU Stern School of Business. She is the founder of the automotive social media community @ItsWhiteNoise, drives in rally events including the Gumball 3000 and The Mille Miglia.


  1. I find the point about Ayre’s efforts to “publicly criticized the US Criminal Justice System for abusing the system for large corporations’ fiscal gain” to be incredibly interesting. I am wondering how Ayre views his work as differentiating from the work of large corporations benefiting from a corrupt system and what he is doing to benefit corporations that are smaller and targeted by a legal system that historically protects corporate interests.

  2. What is the most drastic change for the world you believe will happen in the future of crypto and how quick do you think it will happen?

  3. Is it a concern that Bitcoin’s hashpower is now controlled by only a few entities/mining pool? Is Bitcoin still decentralized?

  4. Why is the question of which one is the real bitcoin between BCH and BTC decided by a Street Figher game? Can we do best 2 of 3?

  5. Why is Craig Wright trying to fork BCH? Do you support it? Are you and Craig no longer on the same page? sorry 3 questions in 1 hahaha


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