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Best VeChainThor Wallets to Use for Desktop and Mobile

Currently, VeChainThor users do not have a lot of wallets to choose from. Since the switch to the main net, only two solutions have come to surface so far. Nevertheless, the two available options are extremely solid, and in this article we go over the best VeChainThor wallets to use.

#2 VeChainThor Sync

best vechainthorwallets for desktop

As the name somewhat suggests, this is a desktop wallet client for VeChainThor. It offers all of the functionality one would expect from a wallet. At the time of writing, it received an update just two days ago, meaning the team is keeping the software up to date. It supports both Macintosh, Linux, and Windows, making it one of the best VeChainThor wallets based on its cross-platform compatibility and reliability.

The wallet has undergone a few changes ever since VeChain received its main net. Transitioning from the initial token to the new version caused some initial issues for Windows users, but those problems have been addressed accordingly. It is good to see developers put a lot of work into these wallet solutions, especially during such a crucial stage for the project as a whole.

It is unclear if any major additions or features will come to the wallet itself. That will primarily hinge on how the VeChainThor network evolves as a whole. This native wallet seems to get the job done for most users, which is what most people are interested in. It is also a viable alternative to relying on exchange-based wallets.

#1 VeChainThor Mobile

best vechainthor wallets for mobile

Any self-respecting cryptocurrency will offer its users a mobile wallet solution in this day and age. VeChainThor is no exception in this regard, as the currency wants to cater to as many enthusiasts as possible. Paying attention to the mobile side is just as important as the desktop development.

The VeChainThor mobile wallet is currently available for both iOS and Android. That is interesting to see, especially because Apple and cryptocurrency wallets often do not mix that well. However, in this case both app stores approve the wallet. It provides quick and easy access to this ecosystem, which is all one really needs to get started.

What makes this mobile wallet one of the best VeChainThor wallets is its beautiful UI. The desktop wallet does support more platforms, but the UI isn’t as impressive as the mobile version.

Under the hood, the mobile wallet provides a cross-platform crypto asset management solutions. Users can perform the VET token swap and perform X Node binding. Moreover, the app can monitor balances across different VeChainThor wallets, including hardware and desktop solutions.

Are you using either of these wallets? Feel free to add some screenshots of the wallets in our comment section.


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