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Binance Begins Making Inroads in Japan’s Cryptocurrency Industry

Binance remains the biggest crypto trading platform in the world. Even so, it cannot rest on its laurels in the slightest.

The new collaboration with Yahoo Japan’s subsidiaries is perhaps a sign of what is yet to come.

Another Feather in the cap of Binance

Japan is a very prominent region for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

As such, it tends to attract the attention of foreign companies, or in this case, Binance. 

Rather than simply creating Binance Japan, the company is taking a different approach.

A collaboration with Z Corporation an TaoTao spells a very interesting future.

Both firms are affiliated with Yahoo Japan, the really successful branch of this company.

Through this new collaboration, Binance’s entry into the Japanese market can begin.

The company will provide its services in a fully regulated environment, which is always beneficial.

This is another step forward for one of the biggest brands in the cryptocurrency space.

Every month, Binance’s growth becomes more prevalent.

The company keeps a keen eye on opportunities and potentially attractive regions.

One could wonder why it has taken so long to start making an impact in Japan.

With its welcoming regulatory regime, one would expect more countries to look in that direction. 

Asia will remain crucial to bitcoin and altcoins, with or without the involvement of China.

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