Binex Reveals New Brand Ambassador Program

As Binex.Trade makes strides towards new milestones, the Singaporean exchange is proud to announce its latest release, a new brand ambassador program.

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Ambassador Program Outreach

The goal of the program is to reward users for loyalty and commitment towards the platform. The program benefits both investors and traders of the platform. Ambassadors will also greatly assist the exchange in community outreach.

Ambassadors will act as an extension of the exchange, allowing Binex to quickly penetrate tight-knit communities and spread awareness through every corner of the cryptocurrency sphere.

Ambassador Responsibilities  

If selected as an Ambassador, users would then be tasked on performing simple social media tasks regularly, such as engaging in forum posts or creating new posts on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and Telegram for example.

These are tasks most social media users do on a regular basis anyway, but Ambassadors will be rewarded with BEX tokens, Binex’s native token, for performing these tasks. The amount of BEX tokens awarded depends on each individual users Ambassador score.

Tokens are rewarded on a proof of work basis. In this case, it could be in the form of screenshots to posts, or direct links to the Ambassador’s work so Binex can verify what each Ambassador is doing.

Users can also earn income on top of the received BEX tokens, as BINEX shares 70% of trading commission with its token holders. So, the longer one is an Ambassador, the potential income stream increases through two avenues.

The exchange beta is set to launch in a little over a month from now, with 40% of the BEX tokens assigned for the crowd sale already purchased. Users can also pre-register as traders for the exchange and receive a 3 BEX bonus.

Binex Is Also Hosting Giveaway For Additional BEX Tokens

On top of the Ambassador program, Binex is also hosting a giveaway. The giveaway was designed to work alongside the exchanges referral program, allowing token holders to receive even more tokens.

The giveaway rewards users with the most referrals within a specific time frame, such as in a week or in a month. Top referrer of the week will receive an additional 100 BEX tokens for their effort, the top referrer of the month will receive 500 tokens, and lastly, top referrer for the entire duration of the crowd sale will receive a bonus of 1000 tokens.

There will be 7 weekly winners, 1 winner for the month of July, and 1 crowd sale winner for a total giveaway of 2200 BEX tokens. A minimum of 25 referrals per week is required to qualify for this giveaway, with weekly winners announced Friday. The monthly winner will be announced on August 3rd, with crowd sale winner being announced a week later on August 10th.

Tokens will be credited to the designated winners within 4 business days from the date of the announcement.

To learn more about Binex and the ambassador program, visit their website. For more information regarding operations, roadmap, and more check out their whitepaper. To talk with community and team members, join the Telegram channel and start chatting. For social media updates, follow their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Blog posts are made on Medium, and videos are uploaded on Binex’s YouTube channel.

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