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Bitcoin Investors Expect Great Returns from the New Altcoin HedgeUp (HDUP) Presale

After the storm in 2022, many investors are seeking ways to improve their portfolios. Bitcoin has also had a downfall which may recover with recent gains. Investors are still trying to cover these losses by considering a new altcoin – HedgeUp’s native token, HDUP. Here’s why Bitcoin investors expect great returns from this new crypto project. 

Here’s Why HedgeUp Will Reign Over the Investment Industry

While Bitcoin still dominates the crypto industry, it slowly matures into a more predictable cryptocurrency, which also means lower returns for investors. This is why HedgeUp is quickly gaining popularity. It can refresh your portfolio’s performance and help you diversify your investment, which will smooth out your returns and lower your overall risk. 

Essentially, this crypto-based platform allows anyone to invest in fractions of high-value assets like private jets, diamonds, gold, or fine art. This is possible thanks to NFT technology; on the platform’s marketplace, HDUP token holders can pick any asset-backed NFT they want to invest in, such as a Rolex watch. 

However, the asset-back NFT is fractionalized, so you don’t need to invest the entire amount otherwise required to buy a Rolex watch. This means you don’t need impressive capital to add a wide range of assets to your portfolio, and as a fractional owner, you get all the benefits associated with their growth in value and diversification. 

Investors Expect HedgeUp to Deliver Multiple-Digit Growth

Investing in asset-backed NFTs on the HedgeUp platform is possible thanks to its native token, HDUP. Essentially, this is the key to making transactions on the platform’s NFT marketplace, where you can buy and hold or trade the NFTs, based on your strategy and income objectives. 

In addition to providing liquidity to the alternative investment ecosystem, HDUP tokens have multiple other benefits. For instance, as a holder, there are staking rewards and governance rights so you have a say in the platform’s future, you get access to exclusive alternative investment classes and education, and you get priority access to the newest NFTs on the marketplace. 

Given these robust use cases, it’s no wonder that Bitcoin investors expect HedgeUp to deliver outstanding returns. While the token has initially been only $0.009, it’s expected to reach $0.0887 before its launch date, which translates into an astonishing 885% increase. Once launched, the token is available to the masses, leading to further popularity and growth. As of this writing, the token is still in its presale stage, which means it can be bought at a discount. 

Bottom Line

HedgeUp is a robust crypto project that revolutionizes the financial industry by combining traditional investments like gold and fine art with the security and transparency of blockchain technology. It makes alt investments available to everyday investors. 

Apart from this, investors holding HDUP tokens expect great returns from this project thanks to its robust use cases, increasing popularity among market participants, and sustainable prospects. It sits on a multi-trillion dollar opportunity, given the fact that the alternative investments market is expected to double its value by 2025, compared to 2020 nearly. 

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