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HedgeUp (HDUP) Leaps Ahead of Klaytn (KLAY) and Chainlink (LINK)

Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly unique, which makes investment difficult when it comes to this competitive industry. More and more projects have mushroomed recently, but not all of them will achieve long-term success – in fact, some will stumble earlier or later, and others will be pushed out of the market during hard times. Read on to discover why investors prefer HedgeUp and why it leaps ahead of older projects like Klaytn (KLAY) and Chainlink (LINK). 

Klaytn Lags Behind Its Fierce Competition

Klaytn is a blockchain developed by a South Korean company, Kakao. The ecosystem is targeted toward building, working, and playing in the metaverse. Launched in 2019, the business is still relatively small and has fierce competition. 

For instance, most play-to-earn games are still built on more popular ecosystems like Decentraland or Enjin. From this perspective, the company has implemented compatibility with the Ethereum virtual machine to boost popularity, although time will tell whether this measure will help build scalability. 

Chainlink Loses Bullish Momentum

Chainlink has attracted attention in the DeFi space as it connects real-world data to blockchain technology. Like many other cryptos, LINK is still struggling to recover after the rough 2022, although its long-term viability and unique features may help it rebound quicker than other projects. 

Despite this, its projected growth may depend on many factors, including its ability to fight off competition, its ability to remain stable in the NFT market, and sustained network growth. 

HedgeUp Targets Everyday Investors 

HedgeUp is a unique project in the blockchain technology world. Unlike many other companies, it does not solely target the creator economy or businesses that want to join the metaverse. HedgeUp focuses on the everyday investor, making an exclusive market available to just about anyone for the first time. 

The cryptocurrency platform uses blockchain technology to offer access to alternative investments, including aviation, luxury jewelry, commodities like gold and diamonds, and others. These bring diversification benefits, are recession- and inflation-proof, and come with high rates of return. 

Essentially, the project makes investment available for as low as $1. HDUP token holders can invest in asset-backed NFTs representing either one type of asset or a basket of assets. All of these assets are stored in a secured, insured vault, but can also be delivered to the buyer’s home if they purchase 100% of the NFTs. 

Opening the door to a new world of opportunities, HedgeUp’s native token has started its presale stage at only $0.009 and is expected to have an 885% increase by the end of its presale stages. With most crypto projects still struggling to survive the crypto winter, HDUP leaps ahead thanks to its first-mover advantage and the possibility to generate passive returns regardless of your capital. 

Bottom Line

HedgeUp is one of the quickest expanding crypto projects to date. HedgeUp, which is still in its presale stage, early investors are expected to see more than an 800% growth rate in the following months. As it leaps ahead of projects like Klaytn and Chainlink, HedgeUp becomes a hub for everyday investors, businesses, and crypto enthusiasts seeking to improve portfolio returns while keeping risks low. 

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