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Bitcoin Plummets To Two-Month Low Amid These Four (4) Massive Sell-Offs And Liquidations

Bitcoin has dropped to a two-month low, with most altcoins experiencing even more significant declines.

As many traders bought the dip when BTC neared $60K, aggressive liquidations of long positions have occurred in the past few hours, impacting major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Solana.

Today, Bitcoin’s price fell by 5%. Here’s a summary of the massive sell-offs:

1. Whale 3G98j moved 3,500 BTC (worth $206 million) to Binance. This whale still holds 4,368 BTC (worth $256 million) at a loss.

2. The German Government transferred out 3,000 BTC, with 1,300 BTC (worth $75.53 million) sent to centralized exchanges. They still hold 40,359 BTC (worth $2.33 billion).

3. Whale 1J22C deposited 1,023 BTC (worth $62.2 million) to Binance.

4. The US Government moved 237 BTC (worth $13.67 million) to a new wallet, still holding 213,000 BTC (worth $12.3 billion).

Bitcoin’s market dynamics have significantly changed over the past week. Key metrics from @intotheblock highlight notable on-chain activity, revealing potential movements and sentiment trends among large holders and the broader market.

Key takeaways include:

1. Transaction Volume: Bitcoin’s transaction volume has increased over the past week, indicating higher trading activity. This often leads to price volatility, reflecting more significant market participation and interest.

2. Large Holders Activity:

– Inflows and Outflows: There has been a significant increase in inflows to large holder addresses, indicating accumulation by big investors, usually a bullish signal. Outflows, which could mean profit-taking or repositioning, are currently lower than inflows.

– Large Transactions: Transactions exceeding $100,000 have risen, highlighting increased activity by big players and high-net-worth individuals.

3. On-Chain Metrics:

– Active Addresses: The number of active addresses has grown over the past week, showing increased network usage and possibly new user adoption.

– Average Transaction Size: The average transaction size has increased, often translating to significant market moves and increased confidence among larger investors.

Bitcoin Sees Heightened Activity And Interest From Large Holders And Institutionsย 

Despite the recent sell-off, Bitcoin is experiencing a period of heightened activity and interest from large holders. With rising transaction volumes and active addresses, the market shows signs of a positive outlook.

On July 3, the total net outflow of Bitcoin spot ETFs was $20.4495 million, with Grayscale ETF GBTC experiencing a single-day outflow of $26.9947 million and Fidelity ETF FBTC seeing a single-day inflow of $6.5451 million. Currently, the total net asset value of Bitcoin spot ETFs stands at $51.872 billion.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any service.

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