BitTok Launches Mainstream Blockchain Assets

Recently, BitTok (bittok.io), a global cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Singapore, announced the launch of 6 major blockchain assets including LTC, BCH, ETC, DASH, ZEC, BSV. From the perspectives of appreciation capabilities, liquidity, and security, the launch of multiple blockchain assets in batches this time will not only helps attract a large number of digital asset enthusiasts, but also enriches the choice for users and provides them with more diverse investment options. At the same time, it also marks the gradual improvement of the new ecosystem of platform assets.

Speaking of the six major blockchain assets launched recently, each can be described as having its own characteristics. Charlie Lee, founder of LTC was inspired by BTC in his early years, using “peer-to-peer” technology to help users make instant payments to anyone in the world. The slogan of “Bitcoin is gold while Litecoin is silver” is widely spread among many community supporters. When it comes to BCH and BSV, these two assets reflect the original intention of Satoshi Nakamoto. Both have made breakthroughs in terms of technology. Bitcoin Cash itself split into two blockchains last year, while one chain is reserved as BCH and the other is called BSV. Since their birth, they have been among the top 10 in the digital asset market value rankings. This launch highlights the importance that the BitTok attaches to mainstream high-value blockchain assets.

Among these assets, DASH and ZEC are known for their high privacy and technological originality. DASH’s PoW miner network master node has four major functions, providing coin mixing services, instant payment, chain locks to resist 51% attacks, and community voting governance. The network uses PoS mechanism to reach consensus, which is clearly different from BTC. Speaking of ZEC, its privacy uses zero-knowledge proofs to mix traders and transfer amounts. This system guarantees significant animosity and gives users the right to choose whether or not to use it. ZEC currently has a market capitalization of about 30, and may have certain investment potential in the future.

In the current market environment, the old generation of blockchain assets led by bitcoin has fierce competition. Like Bitcoin and Ethereum, each has its own main position on the top trading platform. BitTok is committed to creating and supporting mainstream and new blockchain assets, and constantly selects high-quality investment targets. In the future, popular assets in different periods in the industry will also be available on the first time. The six major blockchain assets listed recently are undoubtedly equivalent to lighting a fire in the current industry winter. Injecting new vitality into the currently sluggish market.

As we all know, listing high-quality assets has always been the core capability and competitive advantage of cryptocurrency exchange. BitTok spares no effort to select high-quality projects for users worldwide, so as to create diversified investment portfolio for them. In the second half of this year, BitTok, as Singapore’s cutting-edge cryptocurrency exchange, attended the Indonesian Station of the Global Blockchain Investment Summit, where elites from dignitaries of various countries gathered together; Malta AI & Blockchain Summit with world-renowned project participants such as Tron and Dash; Singapore FinTech Festival hosted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. In this process, we exchange and cooperate with industry leaders around the world, constantly improve our own functions and services. The launch of six major blockchain assets is another upgrade of the platform to user services. From Coinmarketcap, we have selected the top 6 currencies in terms of market capitalization and trading volume for users to configure multiple asset portfolio.

In the future, with the continuous updating of products and the steady improvement of technology, BitTok (bittok.io) will continue to provide the most secure, stable, and efficient digital asset services to customers as always. With more high-quality asset types and product updates, we will make great contribute to the development of the blockchain industry.

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