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The Activation of MimbleWimble on Litecoin Will Take a While

Litecoin is often criticized for not getting much developer attention. The reality is very different, as this popular altcoin is in line to receive MimbleWimble support fairly soon. 

A new developer update regarding MimbleWimble and Litecoin was provided a few days ago.

MimbleWimble on Litecoin is far Away

In the post, David Burkett explains how far the team has come so far. 

All of the costs associated with exploring this venture will be covered by the Litecoin Foundation.

There is a lot of research and development associated with porting this technology to this altcoin.

As of right now, two different Litecoin Improvement Proposals have been filed regarding MimbleWimble.

Both LIP-0002 and LIP-0003 aim to focus on bringing this technology in to the LTC network through a convenient manner.

It is now up to the entire community to review both options and determine which one is more likely to succeed.

It will be rather difficult to pull this off, however.

Litecoin faces the same challenge as Bitcoin in this regard, as the chain is simply too transparent by default.

To properly implement these features, the altcoin will need to undergo a soft fork sooner or later.

Right now, it remains unclear if and when that process will take place exactly. 

In the end, it will all come down to how the miners cast their votes in the weeks and months to come.

The way things look so far, MW won’t be activated on the Litecoin network for at least several more months to come.

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